Commemorating 20 Years of CA’s Landmark Legislation: A Celebration & Call to Action

SAVE THE DATE! October 18, 2021: 20 Year Anniversary AB 540 Conference
This virtual conference will bring together legislators, administrators, educators, students, and community members from across California to celebrate the successes created through AB 540! Join us to commemorate this important legislation and highlight institutional support efforts — as well as build a statewide plan to reduce barriers and propose legislative solutions. Together we can advocate for the equitable implementation of AB 540 across the CCCs, CSUs, and UCs.

The conference is happening on Monday, October 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pacific Time. Sign up here to reserve your spot!

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This conference is held in partnership with the 5th Annual CCC Undocumented Student Action Week. A special plenary session will be held at 1 p.m. PT. Those wanting to attend Building Bridges: Systemic Solutions to Support Undocumented Students Panel must register at this link in addition to the conference. Please note attending the conference and this featured panel will require two separate registrations.


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  1. Celebrate successes made possible by AB 540 and raise awareness of its benefits
    • Commemorate student and community activism that generated existing resources
    • Highlight continued role and work of student and educator advocacy
    • Elevate promising practices that promote undocumented student success
  2. Build statewide accountability on AB 540/SB 68 implementation
    • Resolve key discrepancies betweens CCCs, CSUs, and UCs
    • Build a coalition to bridge efforts among all higher education institutions
    • Provide training for Student Services & Dream Resource Center staff
  3. Set the stage for legislative update
    • Develop a plan to move beyond AB 540 to create deeper equity for students

Opening Session Keynote Speakers

Irma Archuleta
Maria Elizabeth Barrera
Maria Blanco
Alfred Herrera
Marithza Quiroz

The conference would not be possible without our Planning Committee including the Student Strategy Table. Huge appreciations to them for making this event happen!