This Month’s Entrepreneurship Fund Kickstarter Grant Winner

Congratulations to Ju Hong, who will receive support for his entrepreneurial project Daol Tofu & Korean BBQ.

The Entrepreneurship Fund provides financial support for the entrepreneurial projects of undocumented young people working to create positive social change. Every month we award up to $2,000 short-term, non-renewable funding through our Entrepreneurship Fund Kickstarter Grants.

Daol Tofu & Korean BBQ

Entrepreneur: Ju Hong (California)

Ju Hong is a co-owner of Daol Tofu & Korean BBQ, a restaurant located in Oakland, California. Ju started the business with his mother in early 2017, with the hopes of delivering high quality, authentic Korean cuisine and empowering communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ever since they moved from South Korea to the U.S. 18 years ago, Ju and his mother have dreamed of starting their own business. Finally, they achieved their dream with the launch of Daol Tofu & Korean BBQ.

Ju and his mother are deeply committed to empowering women of color, low-income people, and immigrants living in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have hired 15 servers, kitchen chefs, and dishwashers; served over 35,000 customers; and partnered with more than 20 small businesses and nonprofit and local government organizations in an effort to build a strong network of entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Bay Area. They envision contributing to social change by sharing their entrepreneurial journey and bringing people together to enjoy authentic Korean food.

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