This Month’s Entrepreneurship Fund Kickstarter Grant Winner

Congratulations to our Kickstarter Grant Winners who will receive support for their entrepreneurial projects: Juntos 2 College and Monarch Community Partners, LLC.

The Entrepreneurship Fund provides financial support for the entrepreneurial projects of undocumented young people working to create positive social change. Every month we award up to $2,000 short-term, non-renewable funding through our Entrepreneurship Fund Kickstarter Grants.

Juntos 2 College

Entrepreneurs: Luis Antezana Alba and Maria Rangel Leon

Originally from Mexico City, Maria Rangel Leon always saw numbers as a way to solve real world problems, and now she applies that thinking to her work as a data analyst for an education non-profit. Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Luis Antezana Alba’s work as a non-profit co-founder and award-winning educator has supported hundreds of students through the college access process.

Both DACA recipients, Maria and Luis know first-hand how difficult it can be to enroll in and pay for college. Together they founded Juntos 2 College, an app that alleviates the workload on school counselors by helping seniors understand their options and select the best college pathway for them. The Juntos 2 College app begins with a swipe-friendly pre-survey that helps students explore job titles, descriptions, salaries, education requirements, and more, for a wide range of careers. Once a student selects their career pathway, the app introduces them to schools with relevant programs, walks them through the application and financial aid process, and even provides support during enrollment. Each individual student experience is uniquely customized to their interests and needs, breaking down the barriers that stand in the way of their education.

Monarch Community Partners, LLC

Entrepreneurs: Tamara Marquez, Shriani Patel, Alondra Vazquez Villaseñor and Oscar Corona

Hailing from both India and Mexico, Tamara, Shriani, Alondra, and Oscar of Monarch Community Partners (MCP) have learned through internships, fellowships and involvement in student organizations that despite the barriers imposed by their immigration status, they have many marketable skills with which to launch entrepeurial careers. That’s why MCP is dedicated to supporting immigrant students to discover, develop and market their skills and passions. Through 1-1 mentorship and skill sharing, MCP facilitates the transition from the academic to the entrepreneurial world for immigrant students with a drive to succeed and lead the way for others like them.

Twitter: @monarchcpllc
Instagram: @mcpartnersllc

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