Apply to Immigrants Rising’s High School Partnership Program

When undocumented young people are able to pursue education and careers, they can create new, brighter futures for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Unfortunately the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric are severely hindering the high school graduation and college enrollment rates of undocumented students. Now more than ever, undocumented students and their families need support from high school educators and administrators.

We are proud to partner with select Bay Area high schools to ensure educators have the necessary knowledge, training, and guidance to support undocumented students in their access to higher education and career opportunities.

Through our High School Partnership Program, high schools receive:

  • Direct support from High School Engagement Fellows, who serve as a face, voice, and example for undocumented young people
  • Exclusive online training for educators and administrators on how to support undocumented students
  • Actionable promising practices to engage students and families
  • A Certificate of Completion for educators who complete all four training modules
  • And more…

Let’s work together so that every student can pursue and complete an education with confidence and without constraint.

Learn more and apply to the High School Partnership program.