April 2021 Newsletter

Graphic for Wellness Support Groups

Wellness Support Groups for Immigrants Rising Community

We’re proud to launch our Wellness Support Groups, all with the goal of creating a confidential space where undocumented young people can stay grounded and connected to community. Each support group covers a unique topic, such as building foundations of wellbeing, practicing wellness through yoga and meditation, and understanding ways in which our culture and society impacts our mental health.

Interested in joining? Look out for current and upcoming support groups here.

Are you an undocumented Asian/Pacific Islander? We invite you to check out our API Support Group meeting 6 consecutive Tuesdays beginning May 4.

Each support group is led by a trained mental health provider or registered clinician with the goal of creating a confidential space where participants can stay grounded and connected to community.

"I decided to pursue law school to gain the skillset needed to expand protections for immigrant and refugee communities in the U.S. and abroad.” — Arabi Hassan, Harvard Law Student

Our First-Ever Pre-Law Bootcamp!

Over the past few weekends, Immigrants Rising brought together undocumented pre-law individuals from all across the U.S. The Bootcamp was a virtual space where folks could build community with others, attend workshops that were centered in the undocumented experience.

Learn more about our Pre-Law Program here!

Direct Aid and Leadership Training to Central Valley Community

“The financial support will help me meet my educational goals because it takes away the stress of having to think that I won’t be able to pay for my textbooks or for any material that I need for my online classes as well as for the Internet that we need to pay monthly.”Anonymous grant recipient, Reedley College

Immigrants Rising provided $500 in direct cash assistance each to 300 recipients, and we are preparing to welcome a cohort of rising student undocumented leaders from the Central Valley who will participate in a leadership development fellowship for the next six months.

This grant and fellowship program are made possible with support from The California Endowment.


Undocumented High School Student Survey

Complete our survey for a chance to win $25!

At Immigrants Rising, undocumented young people are at the center of designing and implementing innovative solutions. We are looking for undocumented high school students in California to fill out a 5-minute survey that will help reshape our high school programming. Learn More

Please help us reach high school students by forwarding this email or sharing the survey link.

2021 Tax Filing Deadlines

Don’t miss the deadline to file your taxes!

If you are filing taxes this year, please keep in mind the extended deadlines for both federal and state taxes.

Click here to find your state tax deadline.

Watch this presentation to learn how to file your taxes for free and how tax filers can get up to $2982 from the CalEITC, up to $1000 from the Young Child Tax Credit, and up to $1200 from the Golden State Stimulus.

Coming Soon

APAHM: Celebrating UndocuAPI Leadership

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

This May, we are launching a virtual campaign and event to celebrate and uplift our undocuAPI community. Please stay tuned for an email update on how you can participate in the celebration!