April 2022 Newsletter

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We’re proud to announce that our list of scholarships and fellowships has been revamped this year, making it more accessible than ever before for undocumented students in pursuit of education.

Be sure to check it out here and share it with those who you think will benefit from this resource. And check out some of the recent highlights of our work below.

A Focus on the Black Undocumented Experience

This year, our Catalyst team worked with two Higher Education Program Participants to create a resource focused on how institutions can best support Black undocumented students. Through the resource that Shirleen and Eva, two undocumented Black women, have crafted, we have learned a lot about the inequities that they face in their pursuit of higher education, but it has also inspired us to work together to bridge the gap.

📚 Check out our brand new resource: Supporting Black Undocumented Students in Higher Education

Preview of resource "Effectively Supporting Black Undocumented Students Through Higher Education"

We are also doing our part to better serve Black undocumented immigrants. One way is to provide a sense of community through our wellness support groups.

We are bringing back our Black undocumented wellness support group to maintain our commitment to supporting Black undocumented immigrants.

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Our Wellness Support Groups are free, and you can join from anywhere. Find your community in this safe space that we are excited to create.

The Spark Stories: A Series

Over the past year, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Armando Ibañez, an undocumented filmmaker, to capture stories from our SEED grant recipients. These seven undocumented entrepreneurs show that you don’t need to be the next Steve Jobs to become an entrepreneur: you, your #UndocuHustle, and your spark are enough!

Get inspired and watch our Spark Stories on our YouTube channel.

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