August 2020 Newsletter

UndocuHustle Educator Preview Day is on Thursday, September 3rd at 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time

Educator Preview Day for #UndocuHustle Learning Hub

The #UndocuHustle Learning Hub is a platform for anyone, regardless of immigration status, to learn about income generation through entrepreneurship. Join us on Educator Preview Day to learn ways that you can use the #UndocuHustle Learning Hub to enhance learning experiences and help undocumented students learn about income and career possibilities through entrepreneurship. Learn More

Resource Highlight

Immigrants Rising’s Resource Guide on Systemic Racism
Be an ally and advocate for racial justice. Here’s a list of resources that you can use to learn and educate others on systemic racism and anti-Blackness and find social justice organizations fighting against white supremacy. Learn More

Strengthening Your Campus Website for Undocumented Students
With many campuses offering online-only or hybrid classes in the 2020-21 academic year, campus websites play an even greater role in reaching undocumented students and providing vital information. We’ve created this resource so that you can use to build or strengthen your campus’ website to increase undocumented students’ access and success—whether your institution is getting started or taking it to the next level. Learn More

Coming Soon

2021 Educational Resource Binder

Our Educational Resource Binder is filled with crucial, up-to-date information educators, students and allies can use to increase college access for undocumented students in California. Our new 2021 edition will be available for download or print order starting Wednesday, September 9.

2021 Educational Resource Binder will be available starting September 9.

Leadership Opportunity for Prospective High School Educators

This year, we’re happy to expand our leadership opportunity for students and young professionals interested in pursuing a career in high school education in California. Please stay tuned for an email update in the following weeks!

Leadership opportunity for prospective high school educator is expanding statewide

Community Stories

“There’s a ceiling with DACA. Yes, you can work, but there is a ceiling. And that ceiling I wanted to shatter.”

Nancy, former Entrepreneurship Fellow, decided to leave the U.S. to expand her business and grow professionally. She was granted legal residency in Canada and gained the freedom to travel internationally — something that would have been extremely complicated with a DACA status. Read Nancy’s story