Join us for a series of interactive workshops for educators to deepen your knowledge, share promising practices, and increase your impact!

Please REGISTER for the upcoming workshops that interest you most and will best position you to meet the needs of your students. Beforehand, we recommend that you meet with your campus team and consider the following to determine who should sign up for each training:

  • Who is the intended workshop audience? Review the workshop description and outcomes.
  • Who are the key departments and partners on your campus?
  • At least one attendee ought to be the program/project coordinator implementing direct services for undocumented students and families.

Each workshop will be offered twice on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. We are capping each session at 50 attendees each, so we ask that no more than 4 people per campus sign up for each topic. If you would like to have more attendees, please email

Previous Trainings

Strengthening Campus Websites for Undocumented Student Success
DATES: September 15 & 18
AUDIENCE: DRC coordinators, FA and A&R liaisons/contacts, webmasters

As we enter another virtual academic term, websites have become even more critical in connecting and engaging with undocumented students. Gain strategies and practices to build or strengthen your Admissions, Financial Aid, and Undocumented Student Resources webpages and other online platforms to increase undocumented student success.

Participants will:

  • Elevate their understanding of the importance of collaborating with Financial Aid and Admissions to include AB540 and CA Dream Act information on their websites.
  • Learn messaging and promising practices on how to gain campus buy-in.
  • Be exposed to effective ways to engage with students on their websites and other virtual platforms.
  • Identify next steps for building or improving their FA, A&R, and USR webpages.


  • Elizabeth Alaniz, Assistant Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships, CSU Chico
  • Katie Messina Silva, Dream Center Counselor, Chabot College
  • Madeleine Villanueva, Catalyst Fund Specialist, Immigrants Rising
  • Michelle Segura, Dream Resource Center Coordinator, LA Trade Tech College
  • Nancy Jodaitis, Director of Higher Education, Immigrants Rising
  • Tammeil Gilkerson, President, Evergreen Valley College

Register:   Tuesday, September 15th   |   Friday, September 18th

Preparing Students To Get Their Undocuhustle ON!
DATES: September 22 & 25
AUDIENCE: undocumented student personnel, career center counselors

Undocumented students are already a vibrant force in our economy and our communities. Join the second part of our entrepreneurial mindset training to get to the next level. Learn how to use to support your students in accessing important resources and information to achieve their career goals, regardless of immigration status.

Participants will:

  • Learn ways to encourage and empower students to leverage their academic pursuits and skills to generate income through entrepreneurship.
  • Elevate their understanding and implementation of income generation opportunities on their campus.
  • Gain the ability to walk students through the UndocuHustle Learning Hub.
  • Identify next steps to improve the creation and promotion of income generation. programming on campus


  • Gladys Castro, Entrepreneurship Specialist, Immigrants Rising
  • Iliana Perez, Director of Entrepreneurship & Research, Immigrants Rising

Register:   Tuesday, September 22nd   |   Friday, September 25th

Removing Roadblocks: Increasing Award Rates for the CA Dream Act
DATES: October 6 & 9
AUDIENCE: Financial Aid staff and directors, undocumented student personnel

Lack of financial resources continues to be one of the biggest problems undocumented students face. Their inability to navigate financial aid often prevents them from entering and continuing in higher education. Strengthen your campus’ ability to reduce roadblocks for this population. Institutionalize practices to help undocumented students successfully apply for and receive all financial aid for which they are eligible.

Participants will:

  • Develop their understanding of common challenges to awarding California Dream Act aid.
  • Identify how their school policies promote and process CA Dream Act applications.
  • Learn about and integrate Immigrants Rising’s resources and promising practices from other campuses.
  • Identify next steps to improve promotion & implementation of California Dream Act Aid.


  • Nancy Jodaitis, Director of Higher Education, Immigrants Rising
  • Panelists from Financial Aid Counselors & Advocates

Register:   Tuesday, October 6th   |   Friday, October 9th

CA Community College Undocumented Student Action Week
DATES: October 19 – 23
AUDIENCE: undocumented students, staff, faculty, administrators

An entire week of programming for undocumented students and the educators who serve them. Gain resources, learn promising practices, and participate in advocacy to help undocumented young people achieve their educational and career goals.For more information, please visit Undocumented Student Week of Action website. Check out additional webinars Immigrants Rising is offering here.

SB 68: Expanding Equitable Implementation of In-State Tuition
DATES: November 6 & 10
AUDIENCE: Admissions & Outreach staff and directors, undocumented student personnel

Admissions and Outreach staff and directors & undocumented student personnel
Description: A clear understanding of SB 68 in-state tuition eligibility requirements is essential to increasing the admission of college-ready undocumented youth. Identify key strategies and promising practices that student services personnel have used to raise student enrollment while reducing staff time in processing nonresident tuition exemption forms.

Participants will:

  • Gain a clearer understanding of SB 68 requirements.
  • Identify how to discern their school policies to promote and process SB 68 affidavits.
  • Learn about and integrate Immigrants Rising’s SB 68 resources and promising practices from other campuses.
  • Identify next steps to improve the promotion and implementation of SB 68 on their campus.


  • Nancy Jodaitis, Director of Higher Education, Immigrants Rising
  • Panelists from Admissions/A&R Residency Specialists & Advocates

Register:   Friday, November 6th   |   Tuesday, November 10th

Effectively Engaging with Undocumented Asian Pacific Islander (API) Students
DATES: November 13 & 17
AUDIENCE: undocumented student personnel, API faculty and program staff, administrators

Undocumented Asian and Pacific Islander (API) students can be forgotten in the primary immigrant narrative, making it harder for them to connect with support. Gain an understanding of the undocumented API student experience and learn tangible strategies for how to effectively build trust and community with this population.

Participants will:

  • Increase understanding of undocumented API challenges and resilience.
  • Learn how to effectively message to undocuAPI students and uplift undocuAPI narratives.
  • Gain effective strategies and practices to build community and trust with undocuAPI students.
  • Develop next steps for reaching undocumented API students on their campus.


  • Lena Wang, Doctoral Student in Social Science & Comparative Education, UCLA & Member, UPLIFT
  • Madeleine Villanueva, Catalyst Fund Specialist, Immigrants Rising
  • Madison Villanueva, Core Leader, UPLIFT & Dream Center Supervisor, CSU Northridge

Register:   Friday, November 13th   |   Tuesday, November 17th

UndocuAPI Student Engagement Educator Focus Groups
DATES: December 2, 9:30-10:30 a.m. & December 4, 10:00-11:00 a.m.
AUDIENCE: undocumented student personnel & allies, API faculty & program staff, administrators

While institutional support for undocumented students in postsecondary institutions is increasing, undocumented Asian Pacific Islander (API) students still feel unheard and underserved. UndocuAPIs make up a significant portion of the undocumented student population in higher education. If left unaddressed, this gap in service will only grow. This focus group will allow educators to share their experiences working with this student population and provide feedback for an upcoming resource.


  • Lena Wang, Doctoral Student in Social Science & Comparative Education, UCLA & Member, UPLIFT

Register:   Wednesday, December 2nd   |   Friday, December 4th

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