Alejandro Flores

Position: Entrepreneurship Ambassador


Alejandro and his single mother immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico in 1997. From an early age, his mother instilled strong progressive values and introduced him to organizing and local campaign work in Santa Ana, CA. After years of working on state and local elections in California and a successful campaign of his own for Student Body President at Santa Ana College, Alejandro began working at Grassroots Campaigns where he led campaign projects in New York City, Boston, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Denver. He has received several notable honors, including a proclamation from the City of Santa Ana that names June 2nd, 2015 “Alejandro Flores Day” for his service to the city. He hopes to one day run for public office and use his upbringing and life experiences to drive his policy agenda.

Driven by a strong sense of entrepreneurship, Alejandro opened two businesses and partnered with Stokes Poke which started as a food truck business in Denver. He was selected by Denver Startup Week 2018 to moderate a panel on immigrant businesses in Colorado. This year Alejandro was selected to be a food truck mentor to a cohort of mobile-food and catering owners who are ready to scale up.

Through the Entrepreneurship Fellowship, Alejandro looks forward to creating entrepreneurship networks for people of color.