Daniela Amador

Position: DreamSF Fellow

Photo of Daniela Amador

Dani Amador (they/she) is a queer migrant from Veracruz, Mexico. They recently graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and completed a bachelor’s degree in Ethnic Studies. As a returning Immigrants Rising Immigration Law Fellow, Dani has experience providing legal intake services to migrant communities across the country. They also have experience supporting Deportation Defense work and nurturing youth leadership with the California for Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance (CIYJA). At the moment, Dani is exploring their potential career options by continuing to sharpen their critical analysis skills whilst continuing to provide direct services to migrants. The eldest child in their family, Dani often had to navigate through education systems and policies on their own. From this journey, Dani realized that it is often easy to feel powerless as a member of the undocumented and queer community. As a result, Dani has sought to ensure that the work they do is a reminder for others and themself, that they are worthy of care and safety. Dani feels passionate about doing community work that is empowering and affirms people’s right to self determination and agency. In their free time, Dani enjoys going for a morning swim, reading, curating playlists, and spending time with chosen family and friends.