Daniela Amador

Position: Immigration Law Fellow


Daniela immigrated to the U.S. from Veracruz, Mexico at the age of nine. She is currently studying ethnic studies at the University of California, Berkeley and hopes to pursue immigration law in the future.

As the eldest child in her family, she often had to navigate through education systems and policies on her own. From this journey, she realized that it is often easy to feel powerless as a member of the undocumented community. As a result, she has sought to ensure that the work she does is a reminder for others and herself, that they have the agency to continue fighting for their dignity.

Daniela enjoys sharing jokes and spending time with other undocumented queer folxs. Through the Immigration Law Fellowship, she looks forward to growing with other fellows and learning directly from immigration attorneys about the different ways she can continue fighting for the undocumented community’s rights and dignity in the future. For her, this fight can take many forms, from resource sharing to supporting grassroots deportation defense campaigns and policy advocacy.