David Cruz Ramírez

Position: Immigration Law Fellow


David Cruz, originally from Mexico City, is passionate about social justice, language, politics and history. He is an advocate for immigrant rights, a multilevel marketing entrepreneur and a photographer. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs who also work in the multilevel marketing business and in the photography industries.

David came to the United States at the age of 11 and went on to become a student athlete as a competitive swimmer, both in High School and at the University of California, Santa Cruz. At the university, he was a student leader by becoming co-chair of a student-led organization, Empowering Latino Advancement Through Educational Development (ELATED), founded to create a community and share resources amongst Hispanic/Latino and undocumented community. As a student, he also interned as a translator and researcher at the Romero Institute, an interfaith non-profit law and public policy center. He graduated from U.C. Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Arts, a double major in Linguistics & Politics. He plans to pursue a Juris Doctor degree and a Master’s in Linguistics. He hopes to learn about policy and linguistic theory to apply his knowledge to help the underserved and underrepresented communities. He also hopes to use his knowledge and experience as a migrant to connect the underserved communities and the immigrant community with the resources necessary to thrive in an ever-changing political and bureaucratic world.

David finds fulfillment in helping the underserved community through community organizing and in learning about language. Through the Immigration Law Fellowship, he looks forward to informing the community about Immigrant Rights and connecting the community to resources available. He also looks forward to gaining knowledge in policy to ultimately give back to the community and his family.