Hugo Lopez-Munoz

Position: High School Engagement Fellow


Hugo immigrated to the U.S. from Guadalajara, Mexico at the age of thirteen. He was an honor student in high school, took college courses, and participated in and won MESA competitions. Upon graduation, however, he was disqualified from his salutatorian rights for having been placed in an ESL course in 9th grade; instead, he received a plaque for his “Exceptional Test Scores.”

Hugo’s college journey has been a long struggle. He was heavily impacted by his family circumstances and the political climate in the 90s, which affected his academic progress. For this reason, it took almost a decade to earn his first associate’s degree. Yet, through his personal struggles in pursuing education and making a living, he learned first-hand how vital it can be for undocumented students to have a support system to navigate through school and post-high school life. He recently started at Skyline College in order to continue his education and explore career options, and hopes to eventually transfer to a four-year college.

Hugo finds joy being in nature and enjoys playing soccer, running, hiking, camping, and mountain biking. He also enjoys a good philosophical conversation, attending church, and singing. Through the High School Engagement Fellowship, he looks forward to making a difference in the lives of undocumented/immigrant students and bringing motivation, resources, and opportunities to underrepresented students.