Position: Higher Education Program Participant

Photo of Justin Robin Chan

Justin Robin L. Chan (he/him) was born in Manila, Philippines, and at age 20 went to the United States with his parents. He was a year away from graduating as a computer engineering major when he moved to California, but his transcript was not transferable so he had to start over from scratch. Justin is still not eligible for AB 540, but his school offers an Adult Special Admit Program (ASAP) that makes his education free while he is earning high school and college credits at the same time. Despite these challenges, Justin is committed to continuing his education as an aspiring computer science/data science major.
Justin cares deeply about providing solutions and support to his fellow undocumented students. Becoming active in his school’s equity center in order to learn more about the resources and opportunities available to him, led him to a Higher Education Program participant at Immigrants Rising. He wants to give back and make other people’s American dreams come true.