January 2019 Newsletter

Inspiration, Community, and Knowledge at First Convening of California Campus Catalyst Fund

The first convening of our California Campus Catalyst Fund brought together over 200 people from all over California to engage in inspiring conversations about how public colleges and universities can address the needs of undocumented students and families at such a critically important time.

“It was an amazing convening,” said Marisol Montejano, a student participant from Cal State San Bernardino. “It opened my eyes to a whole other world.”

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2019 Entrepreneurship Webinars

Interested in starting and maintaining your own business? Our Entrepreneurship Webinars have vital information about marketing and finances, retirement options, business models, funding sources, opportunities in real estate, and more.

Resource Highlight: Educational Binder

Our updated Educational Binder is now over 300 pages and includes almost 50 resources! This is an essential resource for anyone working with undocumented students in California.



“There is no growth without discomfort. Not having a safety net might actually be one of the most powerful tools undocumented immigrants have available to them.”

Cris Mercado, Entrepreneurship Fellow, talks about how risk is essential to success.