January 2020 Newsletter

Speakers from Immigrants Rising at Women's March SF

Speaking Out at the Women’s March 2020

Watch Katharine Gin (Cofounder & Executive Director) and Marithza Quiroz (2019 Scholar) sharing their immigration stories with over 30,000 people at the Women’s March San Francisco event rally. Watch Video

“I march in gratitude for educators like Rosa Maria, my ESL teacher from Costa Rica, whom I met in Los Angeles when I was 17,” said Marithza. “Her classroom was the only safe place that I had; it was the only place where I felt heard and seen. I left Rosa Maria’s class a year later with a new language, a new community and a commitment to my education.”

New Pre-Law Fund Offers Funding & Mentorship to Aspiring Attorneys

Applying to law school? Immigrants Rising’s Pre-Law Fund provides financial support to low-income undocumented students in CA who are planning to attend law school. We provide grants of up to $2,500 to cover LSAT preparation (courses, tutoring, self-study materials, etc) and law school application fees. Application closes March 4th. Learn More

Photo of Denia Perez with her quote "Growing up undocumented, I dreamed about going to law school so I could help my community. I can't wait to mentor our Pre-Law Fund recipients!"

Header image of article "EFF to Supreme Court: Criminal Immigration Statute Threatens Free Speech Online"

Protecting Online Information Sharing for Immigrants

Immigrants Rising has joined an amicus brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down a law that will chill online platforms from hosting constitutionally protected speech about immigration, including information and resources that immigrants need to navigate life, make informed decisions, and pursue educational and career goals. Learn More

Resource Highlight

CA Dream Act and Cal Grant Checklists
The CA Dream Act allows eligible undocumented students to receive state-based financial aid and institutional scholarships. Download and complete these checklists to ensure you’ve completed all steps necessary to be considered for all state financial aid, including the Cal Grant and Middle-Class Scholarship. Learn More

CA In-State Tuition Tool
Our free and online In-State Tuition Tool helps undocumented students determine whether they meet the requirements to be eligible for CA in-state tuition — or what they need in order to qualify. Learn More

Community Stories

Photo of writer Grecia Huesca Dominguez

“I want to have options. My goal is to become self-employed so I can be financially independent no matter where I go.”

After attending our Festival of UndocuInnovation in Miami last year, writer Grecia Huesca Dominguez started dreaming big again. Now she’s having great success with her new children’s book. Grecia talks about immigration, motherhood, and making art in an era of uncertainty. Learn More