January 2021 Newsletter

Student leaders and educators from California high schools discuss how to better support undocumented students at an event in 2019.

This new year marks a new start for a lot of us. After a year through some of the darkest times for our communities through political uncertainty and the pandemic, we welcome this year with open arms and the possibilities it opens up for us.

As always, our Immigrant Legal Intake Service is a free and confidential screening tool for our community to identify existing immigration remedies beyond DACA. For the latest updates on DACA, check out our DACA updates page on our website.

We emphasize our screening service in particular because so many of these immigration remedies are time-sensitive, as our Immigration Legal Services Coordinator Jesús Flores Rodríguez notes in this EdSource article.

As we dive into 2021, we hope for a brighter future for all of our communities!

Resource Highlight

2021 Scholarships & Fellowships
This year, we’re excited to bring you over 500 scholarships and fellowships that do not require proof of citizenship or legal permanent residency — including many open to undocumented individuals without DACA. Learn More

Cash for College Webinars (California)
Do you need Cash for College? It’s not too late to complete the California Dream Act Application! Join a Cash for College Webinar by the California Student Aid Commission to learn how to apply for CA Dream Act or FAFSA. Learn More


"Life Outside the U.S.: Transcending the American Dream" Launch Party

“Life Outside the U.S.: Transcending the American Dream” Launch Party

Watch the celebration and conversation on Life Outside the U.S. with project leads Beleza Chan, Alejandro Espinoza, and Katharine Gin and project participants Karen, Kelly, and Sadhana joining us from across the world! Watch Video