Elise Haas

Photo of Elise Haas.

Elise is an advocate and funder for social justice issues, particularly those impacting the undocumented community. Her point of entry into this work was in 2012, when several other members of E4FC’s Staff and Leadership Council—Kathy Gin, UC Berkeley Chancellor Bob Birgeneau, and Meng So in particular—educated her about the unique challenges facing UC Berkeley’s undocumented students. She was honored to provide lead support in establishing UCB’s Undocumented Student Center in tribute to her father, a Cal alum with a lifelong commitment to equity and inclusion. That experience and ongoing partnership inspired her to deepen her engagement with issues affecting immigrant communities.

Elise is a member of the executive board of Define American. She also serves on the boards of the Haas, Jr. Fund and the Levi Strauss Foundation. She graduated from Stanford with a BA in Human Biology.


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