Meng So

Meng is an alumnus of UC Berkeley and received his Masters in Higher Education and Organizational Change from UCLA, where he researched issues related to campus climate, educational access, and advocacy within low-income and immigrant communities of color. He currently serves as the Director of Access & Opportunity Programs at University of California, Berkeley, coordinating efforts to initiate and enact a comprehensive agenda that responds to the needs of first generation, low-income, and undocumented students. The program is responsible for creating a holistic system of critical support services for undocumented students including a Dreamers Resource Center, immigration legal support, emergency grants, mental health support, faculty/staff undocu-ally training, etc. The program has quickly emerged as a best practice of support being replicated at other universities in CA and nationwide. He previously sat on UC Presidential Task Force on Undocumented Students, and lends his voice to national efforts to advocate for inclusive immigration policies and a federal Dream Act.


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