May 2020 Newsletter

Solidarity with George Floyd and #BlackLivesMatter

At Immigrants Rising, we are devastated by the news of Mr. George Floyd’s death and the outrage of yet another Black life brutally taken by excessive and deadly force. We stand in solidarity with George’s family, friends, and the Black community around the country in mourning his tragic death.

George’s death was not a mistake. It was not an aberration nor an anomaly. Rather it is evidence of the anti-Blackness that has defined—and continues to define—our country. We must acknowledge centuries of anti-Blackness, confront the racism that we as individuals both perpetuate and suffer from, and take action to stop the ongoing dehumanization and terrorism of Black lives.

Without an honest recognition of our past, without a vehement rejection of our current reality, racism will continue to be our country’s ugliest truth and our shared future. We refuse to hide on the sidelines of justice.

"Cultivating Mental Health and Resilience" video preview

Mental Health & Wellness Support for the Undocumented Community

Stay grounded and achieve your wellness goals by getting 1-1 support and practicing wellness with others amidst uncertainty around the Supreme Court decision on DACA and global COVID-19 pandemic. Learn More

Community Story

“The drive and the hustle just became natural to me. I was determined never to sit still and never say I couldn’t do it, because I know I can always find something to do.”

Meet Kai Martin, MPP student at George Washington University and a professional consultant in branding, marketing, public relations, and small business management. Watch Video

“Environmental science was the thread that linked my life back in Mexico to my new community in San Jose.”

Mayra Pelagio, our former Higher Education Fellow and one of the storytellers during the Welcome Week in San Jose, shares her passion to fight for social and environmental change. Watch Video

New Resources

Developing Post-CARES Act Emergency Funding Webinar
Learn ways that California Community Colleges can continue providing financial support that undocumented students need to navigate through the crisis and achieve their academic and career goals. Join us LIVE on June 3, 2020

Income Generation Webinar Series (in partnership with UWD)
This three-part series is created to help you understand what it means to work for yourself, develop an entrepreneurial mindset and launch your business.
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