Volunteer Clinical Director
Loren Krane, Ph.D.
Loren began his career providing care to survivors of the Cambodian Holocaust and has since had a special interest in working with communities impacted by trauma including refugees, asylum-seekers, torture survivors, veterans, the homeless, victims of physical and sexual assault, and those affected by natural disasters. He has worked for Survivors International and is Clinical Director of the Coming Home Project, which provides free psychological counseling to veterans and their families. Loren provides clinical supervision at the UCSF Trauma Recovery Center and psychological services at the ZSFGH Family Health Center’s Refugee Clinic. He is a Clinical Professor of Medicine in the UCSF Psychiatry Department. Loren lives in San Francisco with his wife and two sons and enjoys playing tennis and biking.
Mental Health Advisor
Mayra Barragan-O'Brien
Mayra Veronica Barragan-O’Brien (she/her/ella) is a first generation, undocumented Latina. She was born and raised until the age of 14 in Guadalajara, Mexico. She graduated from California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) with a Masters of Science in Clinical/Counseling Psychology, and is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT) volunteering for a school district, working with both children and adults. Mayra is the founder of UndocuMental Health, which she created to provide mental health awareness as well as to amplify the voices in our communities. Her goal is to continue working closely with immigrant and underrepresented communities as a mental health advocate. For more information visit undocumentalhealth.com
Volunteer Therapists
María J. Alvarez, Ph. D.
Dr. Alvarez (she/her) is a licensed bicultural/bilingual psychologist who identifies as bisexual/queer and is the daughter of Mexican immigrants. She currently works as a child and family psychologist at Kaiser Permanente of Northern California. Dr. Alvarez’s personal mission is to help create a community that offers healing opportunities to all individuals in need of mental health services, especially the most underserved populations: non-English speakers, migrant workers, immigrants, those with low socio-economic status, LGBTQIA individuals, and unhoused individuals. Dr. Alvarez has 15+ years of work experience in health centers (with ages 1-90) on diverse issues including early childhood to adult mental health, making lifestyle changes to support overall health, improving chronic health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and treating depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and chronic trauma related psychological distress/PTSD including use of EMDR.
Emily Avilés, LCSW
Emily (she/her/ella) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in California’s Bay Area who works both in private practice and community settings. She believes that therapy can be a way for us to find greater freedom, vitality, and connection to ourselves and others. Emily holds that “tu eres mi otro yo” (you are my other me), and that our personal healing is tied to our collective healing. With that in mind, she offers a collaborative and supportive approach to therapy. She sees children, adolescents, and adults in her practice, and can be found at emilyavileslcsw.com
Valerie Beltrán, M.A., LMFT

Valerie Beltrán (she/her) is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who integrates consciousness, technology, and spirituality in her Bay Area private practice, and a supervisor at the Sage Institute, a sliding scale clinic that offers psychotherapy and psychedelic-assisted therapy (as it becomes legal) to underserved communities in the Bay Area. Having grown up with two ethnic backgrounds while living on the border between two countries, Valerie is adept at metaphorically walking between worlds, seeing from multiple perspectives, and creating bridges between people and ideas. She strives to be a guide for those traversing the liminal spaces between dreaming & waking, psychedelic & mundane, ancient & modern, Indigenous & Western.

therapywithvalerie.com | sageinst.org

Nick Bognar, MFT

Nick Bognar (he/him) is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Pasadena, California. Nick’s therapeutic passions include helping people learn how to set boundaries, working with codependence, and men’s issues. Nick works with a humanistic approach, starting from the belief that each of us is lovable and worthy, and that we bloom fully when we learn how to love and care for ourselves. Nick loves to incorporate humor (and sometimes profanity) in therapy, and has never met a cat that he didn’t love unconditionally.


Jessica Brito, MSW LCSW
Jessica Brito, MSW, LCSW, (she/her) believes in mental and physical health and strives to help her clients take control of both. She assists the Latinx community to better understand that they can create an identity that embraces their two cultures and experiences in the U.S. Find me on Takecontroltherapy.com!
Muriel Casamayor, LMFT

Muriel Casamayor (she/her/ella) is a Latinx therapist in Southern California who is very passionate about her work with teens, young adults and adults. She provides services in English and Spanish to BIPOC individuals with a complex history of trauma and other mood disorders. Muriel has been trained in EMDR and CBT. She also provides immigration evaluations and facilitates support groups.

License #116554 | insightcounselingws.com

Tina Chase, M.A., LMFT
Tina’s (she/her) 40 years of experience practicing psychotherapy has taught her many things about human nature. Mostly, that we want to grow but are challenged in pursuing our growth by repeating old patterns. It’s difficult to feel vulnerable and seek soothing from others and it’s essential we do so in our close, intimate relationships. Tina has enjoyed working with underserved communities, growing exponentially by learning about others cultures, values, and struggles. Her life of service has also taught her the many joys of being curious and open to learning.
Stacy Chiang, Psy.D.

Dr. Chiang (she/her) specializes in working with teens and adults to reduce anxiety and stress and improve mood. Having worked closely with immigrants in her previous career, Dr. Chiang believes that people’s identities and difficulties must be understood in the context of their family, community, and larger culture and society. She is skilled in the use of CBT, DBT-informed, ACT, CPT and Time-limited Psychodynamic Therapy (TLDP). She offers individual therapy with adolescents and adults in English or Mandarin, and psychoeducational evaluations in English.


Irene Choi-Rapp, LMFT, LPCC

Irene Choi-Rapp (she/her) is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) who has been in practice for over 20 years. Her work is mostly with people of color and often involves helping clients find their own cultural identity and own who they are. Irene also works with clients to understand how childhood trauma can have an effect on all aspects of their lives even as adults. Together they work on managing and overcoming these effects so that clients can be all they are meant to be. Sometimes our struggles will show themselves in anxiety and depression, we will work on managing these symptoms so that life does not feel too overwhelming.


Adam Cohen, LMFT

Adam Cohen, LMFT (he/him) is a psychotherapist practicing in San Francisco and Marin County. His practice focuses on supporting adolescents and young adults through experiences of shame, inner criticism, depression, and gender and sexual identity exploration. In addition to working with clients, he serves as the President of the Marin County Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.


Crystal D'Angora, M.A., LMFT

Crystal D’Angora (she/her) is a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice in Mar Vista, California who is currently conducting remote sessions during the pandemic. As a Somatically and EMDR trained trauma therapist, her work is steeped in 19 years as a yoga and meditation instructor, and integrates a mindful approach to the body and breath as essential tools for mental/emotional balance. Crystal’s focus is on helping individuals and couples struggling with depression, anxiety, and trauma. She especially likes to work with women, ages 25-55 and LGBTQ identifying populations through a sex positive, poly/kink friendly lens.

License #114360 | crystaldangora.com

Stephanie Del Chiaro (she/her) is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who was born and raised in San Francisco’s Mission District. She helps people find meaning, give language to experiences, develop deeper self-understanding, and create more peace in their lives and relationships. Stephanie provides therapy through a lens that embraces her client’s culture and lived experience. The work that she does with clients is led by the client and builds upon their strengths, values and personality. She infuses humor, creative and visual arts, and an eclectic mix of therapeutic modalities that best suit each client and their situation.

License #80922

Troy DuFrene, M.A., SSC
Troy DuFrene, MA, SSC (he/they) is a registered psychological associate (#94025675) supervised by Chia-Ying Chou (PSY30161). He offers individual, couple, and family psychotherapy and clinical assessment through the San Francisco Center for Compassion-Focused Therapies. He also provides services to students through Student Psychological Services at Santa Rosa Junior College, in Santa Rosa. Troy has dedicated more than a decade to work in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and has coauthored nine books on the subject including Mindfulness for Two, The Wisdom to Know the Difference, and Things Might Go Terribly, Horribly Wrong with Kelly Wilson and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Eating Disorders, The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Bulimia, and Living with Your Body and Other Things You Hate with Emily Sandoz.
Lourdes P. Estrada, LMFT

Lourdes Estrada (she/her) is an alum from California State University Dominguez Hills and Azusa Pacific University with a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is a wife and a mother to three boys and identifies as a Christian therapist. Lourdes believes in the integration of spirituality and mental health. A sole proprietor since August 2016, she has worked in community mental health since 2005. Lourdes has an integrative approach, pulling interventions from various models to find a unique treatment plan to suit her client’s needs. Lourdes believe therapy is not a “one size fits all” experience, but is very unique to each person’s needs. She believes in “Client-Centered Therapy” because you are the expert on your own life.


Tatyana Foltz, MSW, LCSW

Tatyana Foltz (they/them) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who earned their master’s in social work (MSW) at Howard University. As a white Russian-American queer femme raised in New Jersey working with Black and Latinx (mostly LGBTQ+) femmes and women in Washington DC, being culturally humble and informed was paramount. After moving to the Bay Area, Tatyana continued to serve survivors of violence and our violent systems. They have founded and run Reclaim You, Inc. a justice-focused, psychotherapy practice that centers those who have experienced trauma that affirms and centers BIPOC, LGBTQ+, undocumented folks, and sex workers.


Iordana Gaytan Gamiz, LMFT
Gaytan (she/her) is a French and Mexican citizen with masters degrees from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Italy and Antioch University in Los Angeles with a certification in both countries. With this richness of backgrounds, Gaytan cultivates an authentic and complete understanding of each of her clients, creating a warm and trustful relationship that allows for a safe space for healing and visibility. As a Latina immigrant woman, she recognizes the importance of intersecting identities such as race, gender, culture of origin, immigration status, sexual orientation, primary language, and disability. Gaytan specializes in working with the LGBTQ population, specifically with Trans and gender non-conforming individuals, and on trauma related to domestic and family violence. She offers therapy in English, Spanish, and Italian.
Celedra Gildea, PhD
If you would like to learn more abut Dr. Gildea, please visit their website at drgildeapsychotherapy.org..
Rachel Gold, M.A., AMFT
Rachel Gold, MA, AMFT, (she/her) grew up on the East Coast and has made herhome in San Francisco since 2011. Like many of her clients, she has struggled with depression and anxiety. Her own healing process informs the care she brings to her clients and deepens her passion for continuing to learn about the many ways people can heal emotionally and spiritually. Outside of her work as a therapist, she finds meaning in music, movement, community, and nature. You can learn more about her work here.
Dr. Holly Greenberg, Ph.D.
Becoming a therapist was a mid-life choice and a title Dr. Holly Greenberg (she/her) feels a deep honor to hold. Before changing careers, she was a high school teacher and what she loved the most about teaching was listening to her students, supporting them through their everyday lives, and helping them navigate their futures. To Holly, psychotherapy is not about advice, but about being in the here and now with her patients, holding space for them and helping them carry their emotional pains, joys, grief, trauma and life transitions.
Maya Guendelman, Ph.D.

Dr. Guendelman (she/her) is a Chilean-American clinical neuropsychologist in private practice in Berkeley, California. She is on the medical staff at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland and a clinical faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley Psychology Clinic. Dr. Guendelman provides neuropsychological, psycho-educational, psychological, and autism evaluations in English and Spanish. She focuses primarily on children, adolescents, and young adults.

California Licensed Psychologist #29257 | bayareaneuropsych.com

Joyce Guinto, LCSW
Joyce Guinto (she/her) has extensive experience advocating for and supporting child, adult, undocumented and LGBTQ survivors of human trafficking, sexual abuse and domestic violence in New York City, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and abroad in Cambodia and India. She is currently a full time staff member at UCLA and is passionate about working with people of color in her private practice. See her Psychology Today profile here.
Victoria Gutierrez-Kovner, Psy.D., LCSW
Victoria Gutierrez-Kovner (she/her) is a bilingual/bicultural Doctor of Psychology in Psychoanalysis (Psy.D.) and
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) specializing in trauma, sexual abuse and adoption. She has more than 30 years of experience treating children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families of various cultural backgrounds. Victoria combines her training as a psychoanalytic therapist and psychodynamic social worker to bring forth change and growth in a powerful and caring relational style. She is certified in EMDR and has had two years of training in Somatic Experiencing, a modality that facilitates healing by focusing on the sensory wisdom of the body. Victoria has also provided a multitude of trainings for mental health organizations locally and nationally, as well as for corporate organizations.victoriagk.com
Lina Hannigan, Ph.D.
Dr. Lina Hannigan (she/her) is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice. She earned her doctorate degree at Alliant International University, specializing in health psychology. She received extensive training in behavioral medicine and chronic pain management at UCSF/SFGH and Kaiser Permanente, integrating the physical and mental domains to optimize health. As a Japanese American whose parents were immigrants, Lina grew up navigating between cultures. She worked as an English teacher in a small town in Hokkaido, Japan, before going to graduate school with a commitment to serve the AAPI community. She specializes in culturally responsive therapy and cross-cultural relationships. She is proud to be a volunteer therapist and group facilitator at Immigrants Rising.
Nancy A. Haug, Ph.D.

Nancy A. Haug, PhD (she/her) earned a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Medicine from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. She completed a clinical internship and postdoctoral fellowship at University of California, San Francisco and San Francisco General Hospital focusing on public service and minority mental health. Dr. Haug is a tenured Professor of Psychology at Palo Alto University and Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at Stanford University, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. She is a licensed psychologist in California with a private practice in the South Bay and offers telehealth services. Dr. Haug delivers evidence-based treatments for substance use and addictive disorders, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and mindfulness-based apporaches. She also specializes in treating eating disorders and body image dissatisfaction. Dr. Haug has some experience working with undocumented individuals and Latinx populations from her work with The Gronowski Center’s community clinic, La Clínica Latina.


Cynthia Heier, M.A., LMFT
Cynthia, MA, LMFT, (she/her) is trained in somatic and transpersonal psychotherapies. She specializes in couples work and maintains a private practice in both Los Gatos and Soquel, California.
Maira M. Hernández, MS, LMFT

Maira (she/her/ella) is a bilingual Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a history of providing individual, children, couple, and family counseling services in academic, nonprofit, and private practice settings. She has provided services in Spanish to families in rural communities, partnered with school districts and social service and government agencies, and provided psychoeducation for suicide and self-harming. Maira has experience working with mothers experiencing perinatal and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, trauma in families as a result of separation, as well as providing services to undocumented and mixed legal status families, sexual abuse, and more. She also has training facilitating anger management, co-parenting, and Nurturing Parenting classes in both English and Spanish.

LMFT #99813 | Private Practice | LinkedIn | Fresno State, Department of Counselor Education and Rehabilitation

Judye Hess, Ph.D.

Judye Hess (she/her) is a clinical psychologist who has been working in the field for 40 years, largely with couples and families. She has taught classes in these subjects for over 30 years at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and other Bay Area graduate programs.


Susan M. Jay, Ph.D.
Susan Jay (she/her) is a psychologist and psychoanalyst in private practice in Los Angeles who sees adults, adolescents, and children. She is a Training and Supervising Analyst at the Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studies. Dr. Jay is also Clinical Associate Professor in the Dept. of Psychiatry at UCLA. Prior to psychoanalytic training, Dr. Jay was in Behavioral Medicine and conducted clinical treatment outcome studies at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, aimed at helping pediatric cancer patients cope with painful medical procedures.
Akiko Kaji, Ph.D.
Akiko (she/her) was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Her first career was as a dancer and then she worked in the entertainment industry. Akiko moved to London to become a dance movement psychotherapist, and later obtained her doctorate in Educational Psychology at the University of Hawaii. She completed the clinical psychology postdoctoral respecialization program at California Professional School of Psychology/Alliant International University and is now a licensed psychologist in California. Akiko has worked at mental health clinics, hospitals, and community mental health programs in Tokyo, London, and San Francisco. Former president of the San Francisco Psychological Association, she currently works in a private practice in San Francisco’s Japantown.
Dana Kiesel, Ph.D.
Dr. Kiesel (she/her) is a psychologist with a specialty in clinical practice who maintains a private practice in Beverly Hills, CA. She treats people with many different issues including anxiety, depression, mood disorders, eating disorders, survivors of sexual and physical abuse, emerging adults, ADD, PTSD, and more. She enjoys working with both individuals, couples, and adult families. Dr. Kiesel is a graduate of CSPP Alliant and trained at the Wright Institute in Los Angeles. She works from a psychodynamic perspective and blends other modalities as the need arises. She has been working as a clinical psychologist for over 25 years and continues to be passionate about her work with clients.
Jin S. Kim, M.A., LMFT

Jin S. Kim, MA, LMFT, (he/him) is a licensed psychotherapist working in a private practice out of Los Angeles, California. Jin spent ten years working in the Silicon Valley tech industry and his own experience managing mental illness paired with the unique challenges of navigating the world as a gay, lifelong stutterer, and first generation Korean American, led him to find his next career calling as a therapist. Jin enjoys working to empower and uplift LGBTQ folks, people of color, and those who find themselves at the intersection of various identities. His experience as a person with intersecting identities has influenced his strength-centered and affirmative approach. He has clinical experience working with a diverse population, from LGBTQ youth and adults to single mothers experiencing homelessness and managing dual diagnosis mental health issues.


Amy Lajiness, LCSW, PMH-C

Amy Lajiness (she/her) is an ecotherapist and psychotherapist practicing in San Diego and online across the state of California. As a human and a therapist, she highly values authenticity, humor, and compassion for self and others. She believes that mental health, spiritual health, physical health, ecological health, and community health intersect, and organizes therapy around this belief. Amy holds certifications in Perinatal Mental Health and Ecotherapy (Nature-based therapy), and has also completed specialized training working with those who are Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs).


Sarah Lauterbach, LMFT

A transplant to California from North Carolina, Sarah Lauterbach (she/her) earned a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University in 2013. She has two kids, two dogs, and one cat. She lovse learning languages and used to be fluent in French. Sarah loves family and couples work and is raising a bicultural family with her husband who is from Germany. She is a fierce social justice warrior and loves giving back to her community.

sarahfamilytherapy.com | sarahcaresaboutmoms.com

Corina Lopez, Ph.D.

Dr. Lopez (she/her/ella) is a bilingual Clinical Health Psychologist with specialties in life transitions, psycho-oncology, trauma, insomnia, and grief. She is passionate about her work with Latinx and immigrant communities and runs a private practice in Los Angeles, CA.


Carmen Luk, LCSW

As a bilingual (Spanish-English) and bicultural Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Carmen Luk (she/her) helps individuals who have experienced loss, grief, trauma, anxiety, and depression in their life. She uses various tools to help clients develop new ways to reach their personal goals.


Ivonne M. Mejía, Psy.D.
Dr. Ivonne Mejía (she/her/ella) is a Queer Latinx immigrant and clinical psychologist who is passionate about offering and co-creating accessible healing spaces for marginalized populations, including women/femmes of color and QTBIPOC communities. Dr. Mejía runs a private practice in Sacramento, CA where she provides in-person and online therapy and specializes in anxiety and trauma (individual + collective + generational). Her approach to therapy is guided by the practices of somatic-based (or body-based) healing, liberation psychology, and traditional/ancestral medicine. For more information about her offerings, visit ivonnemejia.com.
Erica Mesa, LCSW
Erica Mesa (she/her/ella) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in California with a master’s degree in social work from the University of Southern California. She is bicultural and bilingual in Spanish and English. Erica established a private practice providing individual therapy sessions to adolescents and adults. She has provided mental health services in inpatient and outpatient psychiatric hospitals, and in advocacy and immigration fields. Currently, Erica volunteers for Immigrant Rising and Postpartum Support International (PSI). At PSI, she facilitates support groups in Spanish to new mothers and connects families to resources in Southern California. She is trained in EMDR and has most recently completed training in perinatal/maternal mental health.
Michelle Mojica, LCSW
Michelle Mojica (she/her/ella) is a licensed clinical social worker who helps BIPOC who struggle with depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem by bridging the gap between Western therapeutic models and indigenous ways of healing so that they can remember their inner strengths, become their own healers, and reconnect with their roots. Michelle can be contacted here.
Amanda Murray, Ph.D.

Amanda (she/her) provides therapy for autistic adults and individuals coping with anxiety and other challenging life experiences. Her practice is grounded in the idea that we all deserve the opportunity to thrive authentically, on our own terms. She uses tools such as humor, mindfulness, and geeky metaphors to help people interact more flexibly with challenging situations and pursue the things that matter most to them.


Cathy Murray, LCSW, M.Div
Cathy Murray (she/her) has graduate degrees from the Graduate Theological Union (M.Div) and from University of California at Berkeley (MSW). She has experience working with all age groups from early childhood to older adulthood. She has lived in and worked with a variety of cultural communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cathy’s approach to therapy is collaborative and collegial, building on client strengths; and, she utilizes a variety of approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Solution Focused Therapy. Cathy incorporates techniques such as meditation and journaling as ways to address client struggles with grief, anxiety and depression, coping with alcoholism/addiction in the family, crisis, trauma, and life changes.
Anna Nedelisky, Ph.D.

Dr. Nedelisky (she/her) specializes in working with kids (age 8 and up), teens, and adults in therapy to reduce anxiety and stress, improve mood, and build a life worth living. Dr. Nedelisky uses tools from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Psychodynamic and Positive Psychology therapeutic approaches to teach her clients new skills for more effective living, and to help them to gain insight into their challenges and goals. The combination of new skills/tools and insights enables her clients to make desired change(s) in their lives that stick. In her free-time, she loves to spend time with her husband and three kids, cook, laugh, and be outside.


Olivia Jane Parker, ASW

Olivia’s (she/her) interest in therapy began during her freshman year of college when she sought out services at her college’s counseling center. To this day, she continues to see the same therapist. The support that she received in this therapeutic relationship has been invaluable to her growth and emotional maturity. She hopes to be able to provide the same for her clients.


Barbara Petterson, LMFT, ATR

Barbara (she/her) is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Registered Art Therapist (ATR) with over 30 years of experience working in a variety of settings, with people from diverse communities, cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds, and with a range of abilities and gender expressions. Barbara’s approach includes psychodynamic psychotherapy, art therapy and somatic awareness, and she works with individual adults of all ages. As a therapist she uses her experience, presence, and awareness to make her clients feel heard and seen, and to help them develop a fuller understanding of themselves and others, as well as to develop a greater sense of freedom, effectiveness, joy, and satisfaction. Visit her website for more information.


Jimena Picciano, M.A., LMFT

Jimena (she/her/ella) is a bicultural and bilingual psychotherapist, helping Hispanics/Latinxs live a more fulfilling life. Her work focuses on discovering and understanding the causes of her clients’ personal difficulties and reworking them together. She believes in taking a collaborative approach to helping clients reach their goals. Jimena has great interest in working with people who have experienced trauma, and she has always been motivated to listen, learn about the bonds that human beings establish, and explore how early experiences mark the concept we have of ourselves and others. Jimena believes that while we cannot alter the past, we can change the way we face our future.


Gina Polesetsky, AMFT
Gina Polesetsky (she/her) is a first generation therapist of Mexican descent with areas of focus that include narcissistic abuse recovery, healing from trauma, utilizing mindfulness with anxiety and stress, working on personal growth and life transitions, and relationship and intimacy work–including high-conflict divorce & separation, co-parenting, blended families, and stepfamilies. She draws from her experience as a Latina woman in a multicultural marriage, a person who has lived through childhood trauma, has experienced divorce and single motherhood raising a neurodivergent child, as well as remarriage and the beautiful complications of being a stepparent and co-creating a blended family. She is a trained in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and EMDR.
Priscilla Rivera, MS, LPCC
Priscilla Rivera’s (she/her) experience includes having worked in clinical settings (inpatient and outpatient), educational (K-12), and community-based settings. She currently works at a private practice with children, adolescents, and adults. Some of the issues she can assist with are depression, anxiety, self-esteem, trauma, women’s issues, stress, and life transitions. Her experience also includes working with those affected by breast cancer. Her passion for mental health has also allowed her to volunteer her time in the community as a mental health educator and advocate for underserved populations. She is a member of the California Association of Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors. Priscilla provides services in English and Spanish.
Rebecca Robbins, Ph.D.
Rebecca Robbins, Ph.D. (she/her) is a clinical psychologist in private practice in San Francisco. For over twenty-five years, she has specialized in work with children, adults, and families from high conflict divorce, providing therapy, parent coaching, co-parent counseling, and consultation to licensed clinicians and attorneys. For much of her professional life, Dr. Robbins also has worked to develop and facilitate training programs for master’s and doctoral level trainees at interdisciplinary agencies in San Francisco that serve the diverse mental health needs of children and families.
Bianca L. Rodriguez, Ed.M., LMFT
Bianca L. Rodriguez, Ed.M, LMFT, (she/her/ella) is a holistic psychotherapist, soul whisperer, and nationally syndicated columnist on the topic of mental health and wellness. Her expert opinion is highly sought after by media outlets such as Bravo TV, New York Post, Huffington Post, and NBC News. After receiving her MA and Ed.M in psychological counseling from Columbia University in 2005, Bianca had a spiritual awakening and realized despite her struggles with alcoholism, anxiety, and trauma she was complete. For the next decade, Bianca developed her unique brand of psychotherapy integrating traditional and mystical interventions, becoming a prominent leader and teacher in the wellness space. Join her You Are Complete Membership Program and learn to own, embody, and harness your divine power at youarecomplete.com.
Viridiana Rodriguez, LCSW, PPSC

Viridiana Rodriguez (she/her/ella) is a Latinx Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Growing up in Anaheim, Viridiana grappled with imbalances that she was unequipped to handle on her own. Although her family valued education deeply and supported her success, there was a lack of support for emotional needs. Viridiana’s mission for the past seven years has been to give back to her community, to provide the support that she was missing in her youth. She works with individuals who are willing to grow and challenge themselves and has experience with young adults and adolescents struggling with depression, anxiety, family issues, anger, relationship issues, trauma and grief/loss. Through these life challenges, Viridiana provides a safe space to be vulnerable and begin your healing journey.


Barbara Salinger-Brown, LMFT
Barbara Salinger-Brown (she/her) is a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in Menlo Park. Barbara is bilingual and is currently a volunteer with Immigrants Rising and Frontline Workers Counseling Project. Barbara’s training involved working with young children and their parents, at risk adolescents and their families, and college aged young adults. Barbara also specializes in sports and performance therapy. She is a graduate of UCLA, and while there she was a competitive swimmer who discovered a need to help athletes develop a more balanced and healthy way of seeing their sport. Barbara is a certified cognitive behavioral specialist with training in performance psychology, team building, imagery, mindfulness, and enhancing athletic performance. She also is a certified trauma specialist and has received training in EMDR, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.
Mara Sammartino, LCSW

Mara Sammartino (she/her/ella) is a Nicaraguan-American, First-Generation daughter who believes that healing is not linear but rather a journey of experiences. She is bilingual, using Español, English, and Spanglish to support those in session. Therapy is a sanctuary and should be used in whatever way is needed to find peace, healing, and confidence. Being a Social Worker is who Mara is, and she hopes to be of service and to learn from you and be able to guide you.


Akiah Selwa, LMFT
Akiah Robinson Selwa is a licensed marriage and family therapist and President of Sunrise Therapy Center. Akiah has over 15 years of experience as a therapist working with families, couples, individuals, children, members of the POC (Persons of Color) population, adoption constellations, and foster youth. Akiah approaches treatment with an attitude of empowerment and acceptance; and from a biblically-based, attachment-focused, strategic, trauma-informed, and adoptions competent framework. Akiah specializes in Mind-Body-Spirit integration, Attachment-Focused, Play Therapy, Trauma-Focused, Brief Strategic Family Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and lots of hope.
Sabeen Shaiq, LCSW

Sabeen Shaiq, LCSW (she/her) is a relational psychotherapist, somatic practioner, clinical supervisor, and trainer currently practicing in the Bay Area. She has been working in the field since 2005 and has worked for various for-profit and non-profit organizations including Doctors Without Borders, Sunny Hills Services, and First Place for Youth. She views healing from a holistic perspective including mind, body, and soul and utilizes alternative healing modalities as an important part of treatment. She incorporates an understanding of oppression and intergenerational trauma into the way she works.


Erin Skiffer, Psy.D.
Born and raised in the Bay Area, Erin Skiffer (she/her) obtained her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the PGSP-Stanford Psy.D. Consortium in 2013. She began her career with Kaiser Permanente, serving youth, adults and families in both the Department of Psychiatry and in the Emergency Department. Upon leaving Kaiser, she co-founded Bridge to Bridge Psychotherapy Group alongside her trusted colleague, Dr. Nic Chu. Erin aims to provide a supportive environment that fosters reflection and growth. She is trained to provide evidence-based treatment in a flexible manner and often pulls from CBT and DBT concepts and interventions. Her approach emphasizes not only the building of skills to address mental health symptoms but also skill development in the areas of communication and conflict management toward improving relationships.
Lucy D. Sladek, M.A., LMFT

Lucy Sladek, MA, LMFT, (she/her/ella) has worked with various populations as a community mental health therapist before transitioning to private practice. She is also an affiliate therapist with the LA Gender Center and Adjunct Faculty at AULA. Upon graduating in 2016, she moved to San Francisco and worked with survivors of sexual trauma and their families. Lucy has worked with multiple non-profit organizations in order to ensure marginalized communities have access to mental health support and other resources. Lucy is an all-inclusive therapist that specializes in trauma-informed, intersectional, and client-centered affirmative therapy. She applies a social justice and inclusive approach to all her clinical and teaching work. She holds an MA in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles.

themftisin.com | lagendercenter.org | inclusivetherapists.com

Rebecca Stanwyck, LCSW

Rebecca Stanwyck (she/her) has over 30 years of experience helping adults solve personal and work-related problems, break habits and addictions, and find clarity, self-acceptance, and peace. Her clinical style is supportive and present-focused, incorporating psychodynamic theory, cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness practices, and scientific research. Clients generally find her to be kind, thoughtful, and non-judgmental. Rebecca enjoys meeting and working with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, including BIPOC individuals, and respects her clients’ personal values, religious beliefs, and gender identities. She seeks to provide a safe and supportive space for her clients, and views counseling as a process of guiding people toward greater resiliency, self-awareness, and overall well-being. She speaks and understand Spanish, though she is not fully bilingual.

rebeccastanwyck.com | mindfulness-eastbay.com

Elizabeth Torres, Psy.D., ABPP

Dr. Elizabeth Torres (she/her) is Board Certified in Clinical Psychology and licensed to practice in both California and Massachusetts. She is the author of “Just This Moment: A Guide for Moms who want to enjoy Parenting, Raise Great Kids, and THRIVE!” (2019). A Mexican-American granddaughter of immigrants, Dr.Torres is passionate about supporting BIPOC and LGBTQ clients with the best evidence based practices. In private practice since 1996, Dr. Torres works collaboratively with clients to individualize care using trauma-informed mindfulness and acceptance-based cognitive behavioral therapy. Her specialties include maternal mental health, cross-cultural issues/internalized racism, and couples therapy. While helping to identify new pathways to change, she also helps clients learn how to accept and make peace with uncertainty and life’s unpredictability.


Sonia Trefflich, MSW, LCSW
Sonia Trefflich (she/her/ella) is a trauma psychotherapist with licenses to practice in California, Nevada, and Texas. She received her master’s degree in social work from the University of Southern California where she concentrated her studies on children, families, and military life. Sonia is the founder of Resilient Journey Counseling, a practice specializing in assisting trauma survivors. Sonia provides culturally sensitive therapy, consultation, training and is bilingual in Spanish and English. Sonia is certified in EMDR treatment and works with those who struggle with thoughts of unworthiness in their life. As a trauma survivor, she has a compassionate nature and empathic perspective on healing and thriving. Sonia’s goal is to help others create a better version of themselves through an authentic approach to navigating life’s journey.
Roxana Vanderlei, LCSW
Roxana Vanderlei (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LSCW) who has been practicing psychotherapy since 2014. I have a master’s degree in social work from San Jose State University and have worked in hospital settings; inpatient, outpatient, palliative care; and hospice completing psychosocial assessments. Roxana has been trained in grief and loss, palliative care, Psychopharmacology, DSM IV, assessment and interventions, medical assessment of pediatric injuries and sexual trauma, and more. She began her private practice providing psychotherapy inJuly of 2020 specializing in grief and loss, trauma, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. She completed EMDRIA approved EMDR basic training through Parnell Institute, specialized on Attachment-Focused EMDR. Find her at Goldenheartcounseling.com
April Weir, M.S., LMFT

April Weir (she/her) is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who has a private practice in Los Angeles, CA and provides services in both Spanish and English. She was born and raised in Los Angeles and is a first generation American, as her parents immigrated from South America. She brings her clients over a decade worth of experience helping individuals, children, parents, and adults strengthen relationships in various settings. Her current focus in her private practice is helping Latinx folks heal from childhood and present day traumas, adjust to life transitions, and improve overall self-worth.

License #97607 | AprilWeirTherapy.com

Sik-Lam Wong, Ph.D., LMFT
Sik-Lam Wong (he/him) is a trauma therapist with a private practice in Berkeley, CA. He is considered by some as a pioneer in a new trauma protocol, the Flash Technique, a gentle and effective treatment for trauma. Sik-Lam has volunteered with a number of homeless shelters in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing trauma therapy to the residents. He is also a member of the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program/Trauma Response Network. Sik-Lam has provided trauma therapy to victims of wildfires in Santa Rosa and in Paradise, CA in the past few years. Sik-Lam started volunteering at Immigrants Rising in November of 2020.
Veronica Zacarias, LCSW
Veronica Zacarias (she/her) is a bilingual, bi-cultural Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with over 10 years of experience. She received her master’s in social work from San Jose State University and her practice focuses on providing culturally inclusive psychotherapy for adults, teens, and families with a social justice-oriented framework. She specializes in working with anxiety, depression, trauma, and family conflict. She primarily focuses on working with women of color, Latinas, and those needing a sacred space to process, identify, and untangle emotion. Veronica was born and raised in the Bay Area to Mexican immigrant parents. She continues to actively decolonize herself and reclaim her roots by challenging values and ideologies within westernized psychology. She believes there are many ways to facilitate healing.
Partner Organizations
Latinx Therapy
Latinx Therapy was founded in 2018 with the mission to destigmatize mental health in the Latinx community. Since then, they have expanded to become a bilingual podcast and national directory to find a Latinx therapist (98% of their directory are Spanish speakers). Latinx Therapy strives to provide culturally-grounded workshops and services to their community. Learn more at latinxtherapy.org.
Sunrise Therapy Center, Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling, Inc.
Sunrise Therapy Center (STC) is a mental health private practice created by people of color to provide all people, especially members of the BIPOC population with therapeutic support towards healing from emotional and relational trauma(s). We offer individual, family, child, couples, and group counseling sessions from licensed and registered associate therapists. We believe that treatment should be affordable for everyone, offer reasonable service rates. We use cultural humility, humor, storytelling, mindfulness, out-of-session assignments, and awareness to help our clients learn how to heal and maintain their progress. Our specialties include mind-body-spirit integration, Biblical Counseling, Attachment-Focused Therapy, Somatic Experiencing Therapy, Trauma-Informed, adoption/foster care competent therapy, Brief Strategic Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, BIPOC focused, and lots of hope!
UndocuMental Health
UndocuMental Health is an organization founded by an undocumented Latina woman with the goal to destigmatize mental health, raise awareness, and provide resources for the immigrant community. UndocuMental Health provides consultation, presentations, keynote addresses, and facilitates discussions through its Cafecito and Tea Talk program. Learn more at undocumentalhealth.com.
Yellow Chair Collective - Psychotherapy
Yellow Chair Collective is a multicultural psychotherapy group with a special focus on Asian mental health. We provide individual, couple, and family services for all ages and specialize in anxiety, trauma/PTSD, immigration/acculturation issues, and ADHD issues. Learn more at yellowchaircollective.com.