Recap from our Festival of UndocuInnovation in Miami

At our second annual Festival of UndocuInnovation in Miami, 45 undocumented entrepreneurs from 13 U.S. states and 15 home countries came together to connect, learn, and motivate one another. Attendees participated in hands-on workshops (including a media training with journalist and writer Jorge Ramos), received feedback on their projects, connected with local entrepreneurs, and pitched their projects for a chance to win monetary prizes during shark tank competitions.

“I’d never felt so proud of my culture and undocumented status until meeting the awesome people at this event.” — Nestor Vazquez
“The most valuable thing I am taking away from this weekend is the new relationship with undocumented entrepreneurs and innovators from around the nation. This space emboldened and empowered us.” — Yehimi A. Cambrón Alvarez
“I think it’s really amazing to be part of a space like this — one that focuses on us striving and being successful regardless of our status. I’m inspired to work harder and so glad I have this new network of undocumented business owners.” — Jo Saen Ronquillo




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