Sumana Kaluvai

Entrepreneur, Fellow

"Is there a problem that’s affecting your life? You can do a project about that!"

Be Honest When Filling Out the Intake

Fellow, High School Engagement, Legal Services Team

"I wish someone had told me to fill out the intake out when I was 18. I’m 22 now. If I hadn’t been afraid of telling people about my experiences, if I had been completely honest, I would already have U.S. citizenship now."

A World of Resources

Fellow, Legal Services Team

"The people working on the Immigrants Rising's Legal Intake Service do a really good job of including information that's relevant to you. It opens you up to a world that you may not have been aware of. And within that world there are links to other resources."

Change Takes Time

Fellow, Legal Services Team

"Things can change. You may find yourself eligible for something in the future. I was undocumented for almost 28 years. So it's a long process. But in the end, it's a positive process."

Convincing My Mom to Get Her Papers

Fellow, High School Engagement, Legal Services Team

"It was so difficult to convince my mom to go through without me. She felt like she was failing me. I told her, ‘No, mom. It’s the system that continues to fail us."

Karen Hernandez


"I’m not going to let my deportation case get me down. I'm not going to give up."

Finding A Space To Be Ourselves

Entrepreneur, Fellow, High School Engagement, Legal Services Team

"It was the first time that I was in a space where I could truly be myself. I felt safe and not ashamed and not scared to talk about my journey."

Cris Mercado

Entrepreneur, Fellow

"There is no growth without discomfort. Not having a safety net might actually be one of the most powerful tools undocumented immigrants have available to them."

Denia Perez

Creative Writing Class, Fellow, High School Engagement, Legal Services Team, Scholar, Staff

"Immigrants are resourceful, resilient people who have the same dreams as generations who came before us"