Photo of Hans in a Filipino Barong
Hans Miguel Esguerra

Donor/Supporter, Partner

"Seeing our community come together in joy rather than struggle fills me with an overwhelming sense of fulfillment, and I now know this is the type of impact I want to create in this world."

Gina Engracia


"Immigrant youth and adults have a lot to contribute to the fabric of our nation. We can give them a sense of the limitless possibilities that are before them."

Loren Krane

Partner, Staff

"We as clinicians are not helpless or powerless. We can harness our energy and expertise to undo some of the damages done by this administration and its policies."

Felipe Martinez

Educator, Partner

"Some of the most important work of my life is showing young people what can be done and what's inside them."

Matt Alexander

Educator, Leadership Council, Partner

"Our students saw how power operates and how they could have a voice."

Bob Birgeneau

Educator, Leadership Council, Partner

"Supporting undocumented students is a human rights issue, one that every decent American should believe in."

Tanya Broder

Donor/Supporter, Leadership Council, Partner

"Immigrant youth have rarely accepted ‘no’ for an answer."

Meng So

Educator, Leadership Council, Partner

"This is a place for compassionate human possibility -- where no person is illegal, where our students are valued and loved for their intrinsic human dignity."

“Our undocumented students are now taking on leadership roles and leading their peers in activities, fundraisers, and other organizing at the district level across schools.” — Karen Martinez, Parent Center Manager at Cindy Avitia High School

Through our partnerships with high schools and college access organizations, Immigrants Rising enhances institutional support for undocumented high school students and their families in California.

In Academic Year 2020-2021, we are seeking partners to serve as host sites for undocumented professionals aspiring to work with high school students. Host Sites will provide undocumented professionals with the hands-on experience, training, and mentorship they need to bolster their professional careers.

Host Site Role

  • Provide undocumented professionals with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, training, and mentorship
  • Contribute to the leadership and professional development of incredible undocumented leaders

Host Site Benefits

  • Increase your school or your organization’s capacity to support high school students, as well as meet your ongoing programmatic goals

Host Site Requirements

  • Be a high school or a college access organization committed to serving high school students
  • Located in California
  • Willing to supervise and mentor a program participant for 15 hours a week
  • Provide remote opportunities or a workspace for program participant as needed
  • Committed to hosting a fellow for eight months (October 2020 – May 2021)

The application is currently closed. The deadline for all application materials was Monday, September 28, 2020, 11:59 p.m. PT.