Denia Perez

Creative Writing Class, High School Engagement, Legal Services Team, Program Participant, Scholar, Staff

"Because I know how hard it is for people to get status, I wanted to find a way to advocate for other undocumented people"

Josias Aguiar

Creative Writing Class, Scholar

"Just in coming together, as a community, there's been some healing, especially when people feel scared or uncertain."

Beleza Chan

Program Participant, Scholar

"Even more more valuable than the scholarship money was having the emotional support."

Isabel Cortes

High School Engagement, Program Participant, Scholar

"I found a sense of visibility about me as a human and as a student. I finally felt I belonged."

Ju Hong

Leadership Council, Scholar

"The atmosphere here allowed me to be free, allowed me to be myself, allowed me to be vulnerable and speak my own voice."

Mario Lio

Creative Writing Class, Scholar, Staff

"It’s like a wellness center, a place you go to recharge and meet other people like yourself."

Alice Matsuda


"I don't feel as vulnerable anymore. I know I have support, and I don't need to be afraid."

Lorena Medel

Inclusion & Change Group, Scholar

"I am not defined by my immigration status. I am a human being with dreams and goals."

Yoshi Mendez

Creative Writing Class, Legal Services Team, Program Participant, Scholar

"I became more open and less fearful about life."