Photo of Jesús holding a coffee cup with a Puerto Rico flag
Jesús Flores Rodríguez

Legal Services Team, Staff

"Being undocumented was something that I wanted to heal from. The journey that I took with Immigrants Rising showed me that being undocumented does not take away my voice."

Photo of Madeleine
Madeleine Villanueva


"Immigrants Rising is unique in its investment in empowering the individual, which transforms them to be a better leader and create the change they want for their community."

Iliana G. Perez

Entrepreneur, Staff

"I graduated in 2009 with a degree in math. I chose a subject that I thought would open opportunities here or in another country. Given that this was way before DACA, I definitely thought about leaving the country to pursue different opportunities."

Loren Krane

Partner, Staff

"We as clinicians are not helpless or powerless. We can harness our energy and expertise to undo some of the damages done by this administration and its policies."

Liliana Campos


"My hope as the Mental Health Advocate is for our communities to receive the mental health support they need to go from surviving to thriving."

Women’s March San Francisco 2020

Inclusion & Change Group, Scholar, Staff

"I march in gratitude for educators like Rosa Maria, my ESL teacher from Costa Rica, whom I met in Los Angeles when I was 17," said Marithza. "Her classroom was the only safe place that I had; it was the only place where I felt heard and seen. I left Rosa Maria’s class a year later with a new language, a new community and a commitment to my education."

A Second Opinion

Creative Writing Class, Educator, Leadership Council, Staff

"I wanted to get a second opinion because I hoped the first attorney had overlooked something. Or maybe things had changed. I'm so happy that I did get a second opinion because I learned that I had a potential remedy through political asylum."

Julio Navarrete

Creative Writing Class, Educator, Leadership Council, Staff

"Immigrants Rising to me is a community that will welcome you with open arms and support you even through your most difficult moments."

Estefania Hermosillo

High School Engagement, Staff

"We each do our part and I’m glad that my part has been at a very personal level with students, parents, and educators."