AB 540 Attendance Worksheet

Themes/Topics: Higher Education

Geography: California

Audience: Educator, Undocumented Youth


This AB 540 attendance worksheet will help you understand and keep track of the attendance and degree requirements for AB 540, which would allow you to access in-state tuition in California. This worksheet provides you with a framework to document your attendance and degree progress to monitor your progress toward AB 540 eligibility.

AB 540, signed into law in 2001 and expanded in subsequent years, can be accessed by eligible students who identify as undocumented, DACA recipients, T & U Visa Holders, U.S. citizens, or a lawfully present immigrant. This policy exempts eligible students from nonresident tuition and allows them to apply for state-based financial aid through the California Dream Act.

Who may benefit from this resource?

Undocumented people in California interested in pursuing higher education may find this resource helpful. Current or prospective students in California high schools, adult schools, noncredit programs, or community colleges interested in pursuing a degree or certificate may utilize this resource.

Topics & Keywords

AB 540, higher education, financial aid, undocumented, Cal Grant, CA Dream Act, in-state tuition

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