Hugo Lopez Muñoz

Position: Educational Transitions Coach


Photo of Hugo Lopez Munoz

Hugo (he/him) was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and at the age of 13, he and his older brother moved to Compton to live with relatives. Hugo was an outstanding student in high school, but because of his undocumented status and family’s financial hardships, he had to spend many years attending several different community colleges. His difficult experiences as an undocumented student and worker led him to become an enthusiastic High School Engagement Fellow at Immigrants Rising. The Fellowship made Hugo realize that he wanted (and needed) to do more work to bring desperately-needed resources to undocumented students, struggling as he did for access to higher education and career development. Now Hugo has returned to Immigrants Rising as an Educational Transitions Coach, a position in which he is confident he will be an agent of change in the professional and career lives of undocumented students fighting to find direction and answers. An avid lover of the active lifestyle and finding God in nature, Hugo loves hiking, biking, jogging, swimming, and especially playing soccer. On Sundays, you’ll find him singing at church, with the choir or just from his pew. He also loves literature, minimalism, and the simple life, and is currently starting to explore a love for travel.