Marilia Zellner

Position: Immigration Attorney


Mari is a public interest lawyer dedicated to cultivating our next generation of attorneys, focusing on the talents of undocumented pre-law students. A graduate of Harvard Law School and Pomona College, Mari was a panelist at the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) 2013 national conference, co-authoring its Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals practice advisory. In 2010, Mari became the inaugural Face of AILA with her support of pro bono casework, and as a member of the Minnesota bar has limited her law practice to federal immigration law since 2003. Mari has been a public interest career counselor at Stanford, helping aspiring attorneys explore opportunities to create positive change throughout the world. Mari is most excited about being at Immigrants Rising because, “DREAMers have had to demonstrate unparalleled talent and resourcefulness to survive in our society. My colleagues at [Immigrants Rising] bring that same passion into our office and, as a result, are professionally addictive.”


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