• Relationship to Immigrants Rising

Bo Daraphant

Entrepreneur, Fellow

"My entrepreneurship was born out of necessity and my passion for art."

Karen Hernandez


"I moved to Canada because I eventually want to have kids and I couldn’t see that happening in the States."

Gina Engracia


"Immigrant youth and adults have a lot to contribute to the fabric of our nation. We can give them a sense of the limitless possibilities that are before them."

Loren Krane

Partner, Staff

"We as clinicians are not helpless or powerless. We can harness our energy and expertise to undo some of the damages done by this administration and its policies."

Liliana Campos


"My hope as the Mental Health Advocate is for our communities to receive the mental health support they need to go from surviving to thriving."

Alejandro Flores

Entrepreneur, Fellow

"We are hustlers by nature because we need to survive."

Sumana Kaluvai

Entrepreneur, Fellow

"Is there a problem that’s affecting your life? You can do a project about that!"

Women’s March San Francisco 2020

Inclusion & Change Group, Scholar, Staff

"I march in gratitude for educators like Rosa Maria, my ESL teacher from Costa Rica, whom I met in Los Angeles when I was 17," said Marithza. "Her classroom was the only safe place that I had; it was the only place where I felt heard and seen. I left Rosa Maria’s class a year later with a new language, a new community and a commitment to my education."

Be Honest When Filling Out the Intake

Fellow, High School Engagement, Legal Services Team

"I wish someone had told me to fill out the intake out when I was 18. I’m 22 now. If I hadn’t been afraid of telling people about my experiences, if I had been completely honest, I would already have U.S. citizenship now."