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Cris Mercado, founder and CEO of GrantAnswers
Cris Mercado: Becoming An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur, Program Participant

"Through entrepreneurship, I found that I had more control than I thought."

Iliana G. Perez

Entrepreneur, Staff

"I graduated in 2009 with a degree in math. I chose a subject that I thought would open opportunities here or in another country. Given that this was way before DACA, I definitely thought about leaving the country to pursue different opportunities."


Entrepreneur, Program Participant

"There's a ceiling with DACA. Yes, you can work, but there is a ceiling. And that ceiling I wanted to shatter."

Denea Joseph


"I, for one, stand in my power as a Black, undocumented woman. The epitome and antithesis of what they want us to be in these United States of America."



"If we’re not all working towards being free and helping our community, who are we really helping?"

Kai Martin

Entrepreneur, Program Participant

"The drive and the hustle just became natural to me. I was determined never to sit still and never say I couldn't do it, because I know I can always find something to do."

Mayra Pelagio

Program Participant

"Environmental science was the thread that linked my life back in Mexico to my new community in San Jose."

Bo Daraphant

Entrepreneur, Program Participant

"My entrepreneurship was born out of necessity and my passion for art."

Karen Hernandez


"I moved to Canada because I eventually want to have kids and I couldn’t see that happening in the States."