• Relationship to Immigrants Rising

Convincing My Mom to Get Her Papers

High School Engagement, Legal Services Team, Program Participant

"It was so difficult to convince my mom to go through without me. She felt like she was failing me. I told her, ‘No, mom. It’s the system that continues to fail us."

Karen Hernandez

Program Participant

"I’m not going to let my deportation case get me down. I'm not going to give up."

Finding A Space To Be Ourselves

Entrepreneur, High School Engagement, Legal Services Team, Program Participant

"It was the first time that I was in a space where I could truly be myself. I felt safe and not ashamed and not scared to talk about my journey."

Julio Navarrete

Creative Writing Class, Educator, Leadership Council, Staff

"Immigrants Rising to me is a community that will welcome you with open arms and support you even through your most difficult moments."

Estefania Hermosillo

High School Engagement, Staff

"We each do our part and I’m glad that my part has been at a very personal level with students, parents, and educators."

David Cruz Hernandez

Inclusion & Change Group

"What happens when you can't pursue your dreams in the U.S.? Meet David Cruz Hernandez who moved to England in 2016 to pursue his scientific career."

Cris Mercado

Entrepreneur, Program Participant

"There is no growth without discomfort. Not having a safety net might actually be one of the most powerful tools undocumented immigrants have available to them."

Victor Garcia


"Growing up in the Central Valley, an immigrant, and the son and grandson of farmworkers, I saw education as my ticket to stability, opportunity and a better life."


Inclusion & Change Group, Scholar

"I couldn't believe it. I could breathe again."