• Relationship to Immigrants Rising

Mitzia Martinez

Community Engagement, Fellow, Legal Services Team

"Being a part of this organization has really helped me understand my own narrative and not just conform to what other people tell me I am."

Alice Matsuda


"I don't feel as vulnerable anymore. I know I have support, and I don't need to be afraid."

Lorena Medel

Inclusion & Change Group, Scholar

"I am not defined by my immigration status. I am a human being with dreams and goals."

Yoshi Mendez

Creative Writing Class, Fellow, Legal Services Team, Scholar

"I became more open and less fearful about life."

Izabela Menga

Fellow, Inclusion & Change Group, Scholar

"We all stand up for each other."

Cris Mercado

Entrepreneur, Fellow

"For undocumented people, it's rare to find either a person or an institution that validates your experiences and your achievements."

Alvaro Morales


"This organization creates opportunities and opens doors, often, for people that don't think those doors even exist."

Julio Navarrete

Creative Writing Class, Leadership Council, Staff

"It changed my own perspective of myself; I felt a sense of empowerment that I didn't have before."

Chhandasi Pandya Patel


"Please keep continuing to inspire us all and keep fighting the good fight!"