Gina Engracia


"Immigrant youth and adults have a lot to contribute to the fabric of our nation. We can give them a sense of the limitless possibilities that are before them."

Gina Engracia, Volunteer Marriage and Family Therapist, talks about why she’s excited to work with immigrants through the Mental Health Connector.

Gina is a licensed psychotherapist and performance consultant in downtown San Francisco experienced in helping people with some aspect of growth and improvement in their lives.

She works with adults and couples to develop self-awareness, communication skills, and fulfilling relationships. Her specialty is working with founders and investors in the tech sector, addressing stress, self-care, and co-founder relationship challenges. She also helps partners/spouses thrive in their relationships with entrepreneurs.

Her clients come from varied backgrounds and she welcomes those with a curious mind and a tolerance for the rocky terrain of discovery. A spirit of collaboration, respect, humor and perseverance are what she brings to her work with her clients.