Liliana Campos


"My hope as the Mental Health Advocate is for our communities to receive the mental health support they need to go from surviving to thriving."

Liliana Campos, Mental Health Advocate, talks about her hopes for the mental wellness of undocumented people.

Born in Mexico City, Liliana crossed the border into the U.S. with her family at the age of seven. She was undocumented for 22 years until obtaining Legal Permanent Resident status through a U-Visa in 2018.

A developing Decolonial Psychologist and doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology at the University of San Francisco, Liliana is Immigrants Rising’s Mental Health Advocate and a doctoral intern at UC Davis CAPS, AB540/Undocumented Student Track. Liliana was a member of the California Psychological Association Immigrant Task Force and has also provided clinical group supervision for developing school counselors.

Liliana’s clinical and research interests include social justice, community organizing, and activism. She seeks to understand the mental health effects of anti-immigration policy and racism on immigrant, undocumented, and refugee communities from a Decolonial and Liberation Psychology perspective. Her dissertation doctoral dissertation is entitled The Mental Health Outcomes of Various Types of Fear During the Trump Administration Among Students who have an Undocumented Legal Status. Liliana received the 2020 WebMD Educator Health Hero award for her work over the last 11 years raising awareness about the impact of immigration status on health.