Navigating Parents with an Undocumented Status
How do you navigate life as an undocumented parent? As family can take many different shapes and forms, this support group is open to undocumented individuals who are mothers, fathers, parents, and guardians. We will have a space to explore the different ways in which an undocumented status influences our lives and experiences as parents, and vice versa. We will collaboratively identify and practice approaches to managing through challenging and difficult moments that arise from our unique identities. We will also use space to gain awareness of our skills, values, and hopes as parents.
Understanding Grief and Loss from Your Cultural Context
Everyone has experienced the loss of something, someone, or some opportunity, which has significantly impacted their daily functioning. The focus of this group is to answer the following questions: What is grief? What kinds of losses lead to grief? What are the physiological signs of grief? What are culturally acceptable ways to grieve? In addition to answering these questions, we will learn how to apply healthy self-care interventions to help ourselves and others as they go through the grieving process. Group participation is paramount, as the facilitator will guide the group to understand, appreciate, and construct a framework for grief and loss within a cultural experience. At some point in our lives, we will have the task of making sense of loss; let’s address this task with humility, confidence, and acceptance.
UndocuLGBTQ+ Support Group

Being LGBTQ in a heteronormative society isn’t easy, and it can be more challenging when you are from a culture that is not accepting of your identity. Add to the mix the pressures of being undocumented, and you have yourself an intersectional identity that can be ripe for distress! This group is open to all individuals who identify as LGBTQ seeking a safe space. Over the six weeks, we will share stories that can be mirrored and validated, discuss relevant issues facing our community, and build community in a safe and nonjudgmental environment. The themes discussed throughout the six weeks will be determined by the participants, so anyone who is LGBTQ can join and show up as you are.

May 2021 Undocuwomen Support Group
The support of sisters is unique and nourishing. This group is open to all undocuwomen seeking a space for sharing and connection in times of uncertainty. Exploring an intersectional identity can lead us to learn new coping skills and strategies from one another as we examine the impact of our multiple identities. The themes we’ll explore in this group will be determined by the first session—because you know your support needs best. We will come as we are, share what we know, and celebrate one another’s successes.
April 2021 API Support Group
This group is designed to support anyone who identifies as API. We will discuss issues the API population faces, especially the current social and political climate. Topics include but are not limited to: discrimination and violence against API; COVID-19 and its effects on our community; model minority myths; the concept of family; feeling of guilt; interdependency; Tiger mom attitude; culturally specific communication styles; generational gaps; and assimilation into mainstream culture.
April 2021 Chair Yoga and Meditation Support Group

Chair yoga is a gentle practice that allows for poses to be performed while seated and/or with the aid of a chair. Yoga helps with increased flexibility, strength, and bodily awareness. Yoga also helps with managing anxiety, stress, and depression.

What to expect:

  • Gentle movements and postures.
  • Coordination of breath and movement.
  • Introduction to meditation.

How to prepare:

  • Dress comfortably.
  • Have a chair nearby, if possible. Alternatively, you can sit on a yoga mat (actual yoga mat, towel, blanket, grass, floor, etc.).
  • Whatever you need nearby: water, tea, candle, crystals, anything!
Redefining Rest in the Latinx Community facilitated by Dr. Susana Marquez
The goal of this group is to teach participants the importance of resting to better their mental and emotional health. We will explore the negative connotations placed on “rest” by our community or family members, as well as the deeply rooted emphasis on “work and grind.” Participants will identify healthy ways of resting and creating a healthy balance between work and rest. They will learn how to effectively communicate the need to rest to family members, and how to set boundaries around it.
UndocuAPI Support Group facilitated by Lina Hannigan, Ph.D.
There are 1.7 million undocumented Asian and Pacific Islander (API) immigrants in the U.S., with the vast majority living in California. However, the phrase “undocumented immigrant” often evokes imagery and services intended specifically for the Latinx community. As a result, the diverse needs and identities of the API community are commonly overlooked. This group is a place for API individuals to come together to hear and be heard, sharing stories that express each person’s unique experience and culture. Through thoughtful questions and prompts, we will build the strength of community that comes from recognizing common values, empathizing with familiar pressures, and finding comfort in our shared humanity.
Foundations of WellBEing facilitated by Bianca L. Rodriguez, MA, Ed.M, LMFT
Foundations of WellBEing is a 6-week course that will provide participants with an understanding of how personal transformation works and how to navigate it gracefully. Part of the process includes learning to regulate your emotions, build self-love/esteem, listen to your intuition, and surrender to the flow of the Universe. Participants will gain actionable steps to immediately begin using in real world scenarios to see results, including increased happiness, clarity, and meaning.