Public Charge Update

This weekend, the Trump Administration announced a proposal to change a 100+ year-old immigration rule that, if implemented, would punish immigrant families for accessing essential nutrition, housing, and medical care programs.

Our country works best when families—especially children—are well supported, yet the new Trump “public charge” regulation seeks to undermine this by forcing families to choose between health or nutrition programs or their chances to obtain a green card.

Jane Slater, an ELD and AVID Teacher at Sequoia High School in Redwood City, CA, condemned the proposal, sharing the following statement:

“As a high school teacher, I’m concerned about the proposed ‘public charge’ regulation and the negative impact it would have on students from immigrant families. I’m worried that they’d become so focused on their families’ basic survival — food, housing, and medical needs — that they’d be forced to give up entirely on pursuing their dreams of going to college.”

Immigrants are our students, co-workers, and community members. Now is the time for us to join together— native born and immigrant alike — to fight back against Trump’s attempt to tear families apart and terrorize immigrants away from having access to basic necessities of life.

The proposed changes cannot take effect until the Trump Administration reviews and responds to public comments. During the upcoming 60-day comment period, all Americans, regardless of citizenship status, will be able to stand up and tell the government that we oppose this rule change. Once the period for public comments opens up, we will reach out with an easy-to-follow action plan.

When we have each others’ backs—by ensuring that those of us who’ve fallen on hard times can get through to better days— all of us rise together.

More information about public charge and the national campaign to Protect Immigrant Families, is available at: