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Understand the Differences: In-State Tuition vs CA Dream Act vs DACA
Learn about the differences between these policies and their implications for tuition and financial aid.
Glossary of Terms for In-State Tuition Tool (ISTT)
This glossary is intended to support undocumented individuals and the educators who serve them as they complete the CA In-State Tuition Tool (ISTT).
Advance Parole: Reflection Prompts for Your Time Abroad
Use these prompts to reflect on your experience and process your feelings as you are abroad on Advance Parole.
Reflection Prompts: Checking in with Yourself After Your Advance Parole Trip
Use these prompts to reflect on your transition back to the U.S. after your time abroad on Advance Parole.
Advance Parole Conversation Starters: Talking to Friends and Family about My Trip
Use this resource for support initiating conversations with your loved ones about traveling abroad with Advance Parole.

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