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Registering for the Selective Service
Learn why and how undocumented men between 18 and 25 should register for the Selective Service.
Overview: Resources
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Helping Students Get Their UndocuHustle On: Introduction to Entrepreneurship (Lesson Plan)
Use this lesson plan to introduce entrepreneurship as a valid income-generating opportunity for anyone, regardless of immigration status.
Effectively Supporting Black Undocumented Students Through Higher Education
Get an overview of the experiences of current Black undocumented students and recommendations to better reach, engage with, and support this student population.
List of Scholarships and Fellowships
Find scholarships and fellowships that don’t require proof of citizenship or legal permanent residency.
Building Effective Support for UndocuEducators to Thrive and Persist in Higher Education
Learn how campus stakeholders can ensure that UndocuEducators, who play crucial roles in higher education, thrive and succeed in their institution.

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