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Overview: Resources
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Guía para personas indocumentadas que viajan en EE.UU.
Si estás pensando en viajar como una persona indocumentada (con o sin DACA) y tienes curiosidad sobre cómo viajar con seguridad, sigue leyendo.
Educational Resource Binder: College Access for Undocumented Students in California
Access our complete set of resources educators, students and allies can use to increase college access for undocumented students in California.
The REAL ID: What to Know
Learn what REAL ID is, how the REAL ID Act will impact the undocumented community, and if the REAL ID is for you.
Building Effective Support for UndocuEducators in Higher Education (Action Plans)
Learn how each campus stakeholder can ensure that UndocuEducators, who play crucial roles in higher education, thrive and succeed in their institution.
Registering for the Selective Service
Learn why and how undocumented men between 18 and 25 should register for the Selective Service.

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DACA Updates
On July 16, 2021, a Texas federal court ruled that DACA is illegal. While appeals are pending, the original decision stands, which means that the program continues for those who currently or formerly had DACA.
Preview image of 2022 November Newsletter.
November 2022 Newsletter
UndocuThrive with/out DACA Webinar Series, resources for philanthropists, educators, and allies seeking to support undocumented students, and more.

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