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Steps to Renew DACA
Some people who have had DACA in the past may submit a DACA renewal application. This handout walks you through the steps you need to take to renew your DACA.
AB 469: All in for Financial Aid Including Undocumented Students
This guide provides an overview of resources and strategies that addresses the unique challenges undocumented students can face when applying for financial aid in California.
Step 2: Cal Grant Checklist
A list of important dates and requirements for the Cal Grant application.
Step 1: CA Dream Act Application Checklist
Complete this checklist to ensure that you've completed all necessary steps for the CA Dream Act Application.
Guía para personas indocumentadas que viajan en EE.UU.
Si estás pensando en viajar como una persona indocumentada (con o sin DACA) y tienes curiosidad sobre cómo viajar con seguridad, sigue leyendo.

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2022 Immigrants Rising Staff
Thank you, Kathy
We’d like to express our profound gratitude to Kathy for her instrumental contributions to Immigrants Rising.

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