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Building Pathways to AB 540
Learn opportunities available for different educational institutions to build pathways for individuals who do not yet meet the eligibility for AB 540.
Solutions for Noncredit Programs: Roadmap from Noncredit to Credit Programs
Learn what opportunities noncredit programs can provide, especially for older undocumented students who want to continue their education.
Solutions for Adult Schools: SB 554
Get an overview of California SB 554, resources developed by specific campuses, and a list of schools that have implemented SB 554.
Solutions for California Community Colleges: Education Code 76140
Get an overview of California EC 76140, including eligibility requirements, implementation process, promising practices, and case studies.
Getting Started: Preparing for the Passage of EC 76140
This section gives step-by-step guidance on advocating for the passage of EC 76140 on your campus.

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