Working for Yourself

This webinar introduces the concept of working for yourself as an immigrant. Topics discussed include differences between an employee and an independent contractor, tips to start earning a living as an independent contractor and important legal information about working for yourself.

ITINs, EINs and Taxes

This webinar will give you an introduction to paying taxes as an independent contractor and provide more detailed information about the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and the Employer Identification Number (EIN). Topics discussed include filing taxes as an independent contractor, expenses and deductions, and managing cashflow and saving for taxes.

Choosing a Business Structure

This webinar provides an overview of what a business structure is, goes over the most common types of business structures, and shares resources for entrepreneurs who are ready to formalize their business. This webinar is co-presented by Karla Reyes, Associate Director at Prospera. Prospera partners with low-income Latina women so they can achieve economic prosperity through cooperative business ownership.

Credit and Financial Capital

This webinar provides an overview of how to build credit, shares tips and resources for building credit, and discusses the types of financial capital available for small businesses, regardless of legal status. This webinar is co-presented alongside Karla Henriquez, Client Success Manager at Mission Asset Fund (MAF). MAF is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization that seeks to offer financial stability to low-income families by facilitating zero-interest social loans and simultaneous credit building.

Immigration Remedies through Entrepreneurship

This webinar features renown Immigration Attorney, Dan Berger. Dan Berger is a partner at the law firm of Curran & Berger in Northampton, MA, and a frequent speaker, editor and writer on immigration law. Dan will discuss immigration remedies that exist through entrepreneurship, including the EB5 program and the DHS Entrepreneur Rule, as well other immigration remedies available to immigrants without legal status.

Business Plans

This webinar provides an overview of what a business plan is, why it is important and how to create one. This webinar is co-presented with Centro Community Partners, an organization whose mission is to build thriving communities by providing underserved, low-income entrepreneurs with entrepreneurship education, one-on-one business advising, mentorship, and access to capital. Presenters Arturo A. Noriega and Naldo Peliks guide webinar attendees through the process of creating a business plan and a budget and income statement using their app.

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