We are living in a time of ongoing uncertainty for the immigrant community. Threats of ending DACA and stalled federal immigration policies make us yearn for stability. We will continue to share updates on DACA as we receive them, but we want you to know that we are here for you—with or without DACA.

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DACA Updates

Read our latest update about DACA.

Undocuthrive with/out DACA Webinar Series

We want to help you prepare for a future without DACA. This webinar series will cover a range of topics—including immigration law, education, mental health, and entrepreneurship—to equip you with tools that can help you move forward with your life.


Beyond DACA: A Directory of Resources for Undocumented Students & Individuals provides a consolidated place for the most recent resources to support undocumented students and individuals access and afford college, start their professional careers, and receive legal support and mental health support, among other types of resources. These resources were designed by pro-immigration organizations in the non-profit sector to help undocumented students and individuals, including those with and without DACA, understand their options and opportunities.

The resources in this page were compiled by the Presidents’ AllianceImmigrants RisingInformed Immigrant, and NAKASEC.

Topics To Explore

Most of our resources are created for those without DACA! Whether it’s learning about the long-term immigration options, starting your own business, or taking care of your mental and emotional well-being, we’ve got your back in your undocu-journey.

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Inspirational Stories

Cris Mercado

"There is no growth without discomfort. Not having a safety net might actually be one of the most powerful tools undocumented immigrants have available to them."

Alejandro Flores

"We are hustlers by nature because we need to survive."

Convincing My Mom to Get Her Papers

"It was so difficult to convince my mom to go through without me. She felt like she was failing me. I told her, ‘No, mom. It’s the system that continues to fail us."

A Second Opinion

"I wanted to get a second opinion because I hoped the first attorney had overlooked something. Or maybe things had changed. I'm so happy that I did get a second opinion because I learned that I had a potential remedy through political asylum."

Change Takes Time

"Things can change. You may find yourself eligible for something in the future. I was undocumented for almost 28 years. So it's a long process. But in the end, it's a positive process."

Karen Hernandez

"I moved to Canada because I eventually want to have kids and I couldn’t see that happening in the States."