“This organization creates opportunities and opens doors, often for people that don’t think those doors even exist.” — Alvaro Morales, Entrepreneurship Fund Grantee

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Our Core Strategies

  • Systems-Level Change: We are spearheading institutional policy changes and dismantling systemic barriers to dramatically increase access to opportunities for undocumented people to thrive.
  • Storytelling & Narrative Change: We are using our platforms to elevate authentic, multidimensional immigrant stories.
  • Individual Agency: We are providing direct services and support to undocumented individuals whose successes uplift entire communities.
  • Organizational Resilience: We are fostering internal leadership and creating alignment toward a shared vision in preparation for our 501c3 transition.
Systems-Level Change

Increase access to funding and support for undocumented students to initiate and sustain their higher education journeys.

Increase access to capital and technical assistance for undocumented entrepreneurs to start and scale businesses.

Increase awareness of immigration remedies for undocumented people among key decision-makers.

Storytelling & Narrative Change Transform the media representation of undocumented people by uplifting their authentic voices.
Individual Agency

Increase agency of undocumented students in higher education.

Provide tools, training and financial support to undocumented entrepreneurs.

Introduce undocumented individuals to the legal rights and immigration remedies available to them.

Provide access, training, and financial support to undocumented professionals to reach career goals.

Increase access to mental health services for undocumented immigrants.

Organizational Resilience

Foster internal leadership and forge long-term vision alignment.

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