“This organization creates opportunities and opens doors, often for people that don’t think those doors even exist.” — Alvaro Morales, Entrepreneurship Fund Grantee

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Our Impact

Here is the impact we will make this fiscal year 2022-23:

College Programs 300 undocumented college students will receive 1,000 hours of 1:1 mentorship, coaching, or group support to help them achieve their educational goals.

4,000 educators will receive specialized training and technical assistance to support undocumented students.

700,000 users will access our online resources about college.

Career Programs 35 undocumented professionals will receive over 3,000 hours of training, mentorship, and hands-on career experience, four of whom will gain over 1,600 hours towards their mental health provider licensure.
Law School Programs 50 undocumented students will participate in a “Pre-Law Bootcamp” with 12 hours of workshops about applying to law school.

20 undocumented students will receive $50,000 in “Pre-Law Fund” grants in order to apply to law school.

Entrepreneurship Programs 655 undocumented entrepreneurs will be awarded over $4,075,000 in grants to launch or grow their businesses.
Legal Services 300 undocumented people will learn about their immigration legal remedies through our online intake service.

115,000 users will access our information and resources created for undocumented people to confidently travel.

Mental Health 240 undocumented people will receive 12,000 hours of individual therapy.

170 undocumented people will receive 1,000 hours of group mental health support.

Covid Relief 422 undocumented high school and college students will receive $211,000 in COVID-relief emergency grants.
Storytelling 60 undocumented people of diverse backgrounds will have opportunities to share their stories publicly.