“What moves me almost to tears is when I receive a note from a scholarship recipient that says, ‘I made it. I graduated.’” — Jorge Ramos, writer, Emmy-winning journalist, & Immigrants Rising supporter since 2009


Immigrants Rising gratefully acknowledges the generous contributions of the following corporations, institutions, foundations and individuals. Thank you for helping us transform the lives of undocumented young people and fuel broader changes!


  • Anonymous
  • Heising Simons Foundation
  • Loud Hound Foundation


“This organization is targeted, thoughtful, innovative, effective, humane, and thought-provoking in its approach to supporting undocumented youth.” — Jo Ann Intili and Ed Kissam, co-trustees of the WKF Giving Fund and supporters of Immigrants Rising since 2009



  • Anonymous
  • Tanya Broder and Theodore Wang
  • Sara Cassetti
  • Catherine Eusebio
  • Gretchen and Richard Evans
  • David Flamm
  • Adam Lowe
  • Lucy Mendel
  • Glenda Monterroza
  • Erin Murdock
  • Nicola Place
  • Rachel Reiser
  • Ann Schnuer
  • Jessica and Alex Stern
  • Ramon Trinidad
  • Martha Uelmen

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