“What moves me almost to tears is when I receive a note from a scholarship recipient that says, ‘I made it. I graduated.’” — Jorge Ramos, writer, Emmy-winning journalist, & Immigrants Rising supporter since 2009


Immigrants Rising gratefully acknowledges the generous contributions of the following corporations, foundations and individuals. Thank you for helping us transform the lives of undocumented young people and fuel broader changes!


  • Bitwise Industries (at the recommendation of Erin Hustings)
  • Clark Construction Group, LLC (at the recommendation of Mario Lio Peltroche)
  • Northern Trust


  • Anonymous Foundation
  • Autodesk Foundation
  • John Chang Fund
  • Chavez Family Foundation
  • College Futures Foundation
  • Crankstart
  • The Gonzalez Family Giving Fund
  • The Grove Foundation
  • Heising-Simons Family Fund
  • Christine Hoang & Paul Nakada Donor Advised Fund
  • The Gerald and Virginia Hornung Charitable Family Fund
  • The LeadersTrust at Tides Foundation
  • Pacific Restoration Fund
  • PwC Charitable Foundation
  • Rathman Family Fund
  • Rich Lang Charitable Gift Fund
  • Robyn and Loren Shalinsky Fund
  • Shustek Dubinsky Family Philanthropic Fund (Lemala Fund)
  • Stupski Foundation

“This organization is targeted, thoughtful, innovative, effective, humane, and thought-provoking in its approach to supporting undocumented youth.” — Jo Ann Intili and Ed Kissam, co-trustees of the WKF Giving Fund and supporters of Immigrants Rising since 2009


  • California Labor & Workforce Development Agency


  • National Skills Coalition


  • Anonymous Donor
  • DWight Abad
  • Vasil Azarov
  • Todd Bari
  • Joseph Di Prisco
  • Josabeth Diaz
  • Carrie Evans
  • Elvin Fernandez
  • Kathleen Fitzgerald
  • Henry & Elaine Joke
  • Cathy Kornblith
  • Craig Latimer and Susanne Wong
  • Abigail and Anthony Leonard
  • Nicole Lugtu
  • Veronica Oberholzer
  • Roni Melmed
  • Jessica Mendels
  • Sheena Mollineau
  • Robert Munoz
  • Edward B. Quiroz
  • Andrew Rostaing
  • Michelle Santizo
  • Jean Shia
  • Patricia Spencer
  • Anne Stulhdreher & Tim Wirth
  • Elisa Sunga
  • Gregory Victory
  • Annie Yu

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