Advance Parole: Reflection Prompts for Your Time Abroad

Themes/Topics: Law & Policy

Geography: California, National

Audience: Undocumented Youth

The following prompts are designed to encourage you to reflect on your experience abroad as it is unfolding and help you process your feelings. You can use them as a jumping off point, but it is always a good idea to seek additional support like therapy or support groups. Explore some of your options on our mental health page.

  • What am I noticing about my surroundings?
  • What am I noticing about my body (energy level, sleep, appetite, pain, or other factors)?
  • What feels fun, exciting, joyful?
  • What feels surprising or different from what I expected? Are there any stereotypes, biases or beliefs that are being challenged right now?
  • What feels hard, overwhelming, or confusing?
  • What adjustments might I need to make so that I can take better care of myself and my mental health on this trip?

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