Income and Career Options for Undocumented Students: How Colleges Can Help (Webinar)

Themes/Topics: Entrepreneurship & Freelancing

Geography: California, National

Audience: Ally, Educator

Undocumented people without DACA or TPS can earn a living and pursue professional careers. This webinar is designed for campus staff and faculty who want to understand and explore the career, income and funding options available to undocumented students and alumni who may not have work authorization. Join Iliana Perez, Immigrants Rising’s Director of Research and Entrepreneurship, and Vanessa Bransburg of Democracy At Work Institute to learn how colleges can establish research, learning or teaching fellowships that are not employment-based; provide entrepreneurship training; and refer students and alumni to entrepreneurial ventures, such as independent contracting, worker cooperatives, and other opportunities beyond campus. Guest speakers include staff at colleges and universities who are creating opportunities for undocumented students.

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