Step 1: CA Dream Act Application Checklist

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Geography: California

Audience: Educator, Undocumented Youth

New 2024-25 CA Dream Act Application is now available! Apply online at by May 2, 2024 (priority deadline).
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Step 1: Complete the CA Dream Act Application To Get Help Paying for College!

Complete this checklist to ensure that you’ve completed all necessary steps in order to be considered for all state financial aid, including the Cal Grant and Middle-Class Scholarship.

  1. Be aware of AB 540 requirements. For your financial aid to be released, students must meet these requirements. U visa holders and students with TPS are also eligible. T visa holders should apply through FAFSA.
  2. Create a username and password for the CA Dream Act Application. Save them somewhere safe, where you won’t forget, like the notes app on your phone or a piece of paper you keep with other important documents.
  3. Complete the application by May 2, 2024 to meet this priority deadline. You can apply after this date, but many grants require you to meet the priority deadline. The following information is needed: 2022 tax information, untaxed income, bank statements, household size, number of people in the household attending college, etc.
    NOTE: Students attending community colleges can apply until September 2, 2024.
  4. If your 2022 taxes aren’t complete by May 2, indicate “Will file” and use estimated household earnings. After your or your parent’s 2022 taxes are filed, log in to update your application.
  5. If you are a non-tax filer, indicate “Will not file” and list all untaxed income for the household. Be aware of the IRS filing requirement as a non-tax filer.
  6. List all colleges and universities where you applied on the CA Dream Act Application. Be sure to list at least one California college or university.
  7. Submit your CA Dream Act Application and review the confirmation page immediately for errors.
  8. Ensure your parent signs the application if required.
    NOTE: Each time a change is made to the application, you must resubmit it. Always re-check the confirmation page for any outstanding items.
  9. Verify your GPA has been submitted to the CA Student Aid Commission before May 2 (or September 2 for community college students) at
    • If not, bring your Cal Grant GPA Verification Form to your high school or community college to have it filled out. Once completed, mail it to CSAC and get proof of mailing from the U.S. Post Office.
  10. Check the online portal at each college or university for information regarding your financial aid award at that school.

Step 2: Make Sure You Are Considered for Cal Grants (GPA Verification)

Remember that completing the California Dream Act Application is only the first step to applying for institutional and state financial aid. Make sure you are considered for Cal Grant by completing Step 2: Cal Grant Checklist.

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