Inclusivity Poster

Themes/Topics: Art & Empowerment

Geography: California, National

Audience: Ally, Educator, Undocumented Youth

The Inclusivity Poster provides opportunities for classroom discussions on what it means to have an inclusive and welcoming campus and classrooms for immigrant students. Scroll down to access this poster, toolkit for classroom discussion, and additional resources.

Using The Inclusivity Poster To Create An Inclusive Space

Display the Inclusivity Poster anywhere to create a safe and inclusive culture for immigrant and undocumented students.
Download the Inclusivity Poster ( Color | Grayscale )


For classrooms in K-12 schools, we recommend the Inclusivity Poster with Classroom Agreements. The conversation to create the classroom agreements will serve as an opportunity for discussions around immigration and establish classroom commitments and norms.
Download the Inclusivity Poster with Classroom Agreements ( Color | Grayscale )


The Education is Liberation Monarch is legally protected by U.S. copyright laws and owned by the artist. Posters may be downloaded and printed out for the purpose of classroom or workplace visuals, but under NO circumstance is it permitted for commercial purposes, without proper and prior permission from Yehimi Cambrón, or her legal advisers. Unauthorized duplication or usage for commercial purposes is prohibited by the Copyright law and will be prosecuted. We protect our copyright interests.

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