Videos Highlighting Undocumented Experience

Themes/Topics: Art & Empowerment

Geography: California, National

Audience: Ally, Educator, Undocumented Youth

We invite you to hear from undocumented people about their experiences. Take some time to view the following videos:

Define American
“Define American is a nonprofit media and culture organization that uses the power of story to transcend politics and shift the conversation about immigrants, identity, and citizenship in a changing America.” [Video]

Dreamers Adrift: Undocumented and Awkward
“DreamersAdrift is a media platform led by undocumented creatives with the goal of taking back the undocumented narrative through videos, art, music, spoken word and poetry. DreamersAdrift was established in October 2010 by four undocumented college graduates: Deisy Hernandez, Fernando Romero, Jesús Iñiguez, and Julio Salgado.” [Video]

I Am An Immigrant: Immigrant Heritage Month
I Am An Immigrant’s profiles of immigrants and allies in celebration of Immigrant Heritage Month in 2020. This series includes stories from undocumented/previously undocumented folks like Julio Salgado, Denise Panaligan, Guerline Jozef, and Zacil Pech. [Video]

Immigrant Voices of America
Immigrant Voices of America presents the wide range of experiences of immigrants in the United States today. This eight-episode documentary series also profiles the stories of undocumented folks like Sara Sandoval, Shirleen Achieng, and Patrick Dela Cruz. [Video]

Immigrants Rising: Immigrant Hustle Spotlight
Meet innovative undocumented and immigrant entrepreneurs from across the United States. Learn how they built their businesses and found ways to succeed despite many obstacles. [Video]

Immigrants Rising: Stories from “STILL WE RISE: An Evening of Revelation and Revelry”
Members of the Immigrants Rising family gathered in San Francisco for an evening of storytelling, conversation, film, food, music, and dancing. Watch videos of the undocumented storytellers who shared the stage. [Video]

Things I’ll Never Say
“Things I’ll Never Say” is a platform for undocumented young people across the country to create our own immigration narratives by boldly sharing our personal experiences through various forms of creative expression.” [Website]

UndocuMental Health
UndocuMental Health’s Instagram Reels highlight the often unspoken situations affecting the mental health of undocumented folks. Created by Immigrants Rising family member and Associate Marriage and Family Therapist Mayra Barragan-O’Brien. [Video]

Undocumented Tales
Undocumented Tales is a web series about the secret life of a Mexican server living in Los Angeles. Fernando has two secrets: he is an undocumented immigrant, and he is a closeted gay man. He is constantly lying about his legal status and real identity. (Disclaimer: The following video link contains scenes of intimacy). [Website]

United We Dream: #HomeisHere Series
United We Dream’s #HomeisHere series profiles DACA recipients across the country. Their stories include not just what DACA has brought them, but what home looks like and means for them. [Video]

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