Advocates urge permanent immigration solution after another unfavorable DACA ruling

Published September 18, 2023.

Zaidee Stavely reports on the most recent DACA ruling, where Texas District Judge Andrew Hanen deemed DACA illegal, preventing UCSIS from processing new applications. While this decision, which is likely to be appealed, does not stop current DACA recipients from renewing their status every few years, the instability leaves hundreds of thousands in precarious situations. Moreover, blocking new applications from being processed prevents about 300,000 eligible individuals from receiving work authorization and temporary protection.

Immigrant rights advocates from all over the country are advocating for Congress to create and implement a permanent solution – one that not only resolves DACA recipients’ uncertain futures but one that is also inclusive of those who are left out of DACA’s strict eligibility guidelines.

“As a former DACA recipient, I’m deeply disappointed by Judge Hanen’s latest ruling against DACA. It’s disheartening to see this happen yet again,” said Iliana Perez, executive director of Immigrants Rising, an organization based in San Francisco. “As DACA’s fate heads towards the Supreme Court, it emphasizes the urgent need for a bipartisan, long-term policy solution not just for DACA recipients but for all deserving undocumented immigrants in our country.”

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