• Relationship to Immigrants Rising

Photo of Madeleine
Madeleine Villanueva


"Immigrants Rising is unique in its investment in empowering the individual, which transforms them to be a better leader and create the change they want for their community."

Photo of Berenice (middle) with her family on her graduation
Berenice Ramirez


"Not only was I happy to receive assistance, but to build solutions and to have community with my cohort is something that I can’t put a price tag on."

Photo of Hans in a Filipino Barong
Hans Miguel Esguerra

Donor/Supporter, Partner

"Seeing our community come together in joy rather than struggle fills me with an overwhelming sense of fulfillment, and I now know this is the type of impact I want to create in this world."

Photo of Tobore Oweh
Tobore Oweh

Donor/Supporter, Entrepreneur

"It’s been a journey for me to become an entrepreneur, and I am happy that Immigrants Rising has always been there to support me along the way!"

Paulina Ruiz


"As someone who is both disabled and undocumented, I’ve always wanted to become a lawyer in order to be my own voice and advocate for my own community."

Photo of Denea Joseph
Denea Joseph


"It's important that we highlight the intersectionality of being both Black and undocumented because of the way in which Black immigrants are disproportionately impacted by this immigration system."

Photo of Ju Hong
Ju Hong

Leadership Council, Scholar

"I've had DACA since 2012. I've been undocumented since 2001. And I'm 31 years old and I want to have peace of mind and live a normal life."

Cris Mercado, founder and CEO of GrantAnswers
Cris Mercado: Becoming An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur, Fellow

"Through entrepreneurship, I found that I had more control than I thought."

Iliana G. Perez

Entrepreneur, Staff

"I graduated in 2009 with a degree in math. I chose a subject that I thought would open opportunities here or in another country. Given that this was way before DACA, I definitely thought about leaving the country to pursue different opportunities."