“Inclusivity Poster” to Create Welcoming Spaces for All Students

Our country’s future depends on young people. Giving all of us an inclusive and welcoming environment will lead to a stronger, more vibrant tomorrow for everyone.

The ongoing anti-immigrant and xenophobic narratives that permeate our country have negatively impacted the way immigrant students experience life in the United States. Many immigrant students are not receiving the support they need to thrive in the K – 12 schools.​ The change starts with us.

We believe that schools can be affirming spaces that provide the connection, support and safety immigrant students need to overcome these negative narratives. Immigration Advocates Network, Immigrants Rising, and ImmSchools have partnered and created a series of “Inclusivity Posters” that promote a sense of belonging and community. These Inclusivity Posters include additional resources that invite opportunities for discussions on what it means to be a welcoming, affirming environment for immigrant students.

Download our “Inclusivity Poster” and learn how to create a welcoming space for all students.