Felipe Martinez

Educator, Partner

"Some of the most important work of my life is showing young people what can be done and what's inside them."

Felipe Martinez talks about using his personal experiences to be a strong ally to undocumented students in St. Louis, Missouri.

Felipe Martínez is the Immigrant Student Advisor at the Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis, which is one of Immigrants Rising’s national scholarship provider partners. Felipe’s qualifications for this work were earned pre-natally, when they were born to an indigenous Xicanx family deeply affected by the shifting border between Mexico and the present United States of America. A graduate of Cuyamaca College and University of California-San Diego, Felipe served as advisor to hundreds of students in San Diego under a federal GEAR UP grant for six years before relocating to St. Louis in 2014. Their work at The Scholarship Foundation includes direct support of students and families, information and resources for nonprofit organizations and colleges, and leadership support to immigrant students engaged in organizing and advocacy in Missouri, a state notoriously unwelcoming in its policies.